Alec Bradley Project 40: A New Year’s Smoke.

Happy New Year's from Mike's Cigars!
Happy New Year's

Once the ball drops to mark the new year, our thoughts often turn inward. As tradition dictates, a new year means resolutions. More than goals or hopes, a resolution is a promise of ambition. It’s our desire to improve and live fully combined. But as anyone can tell you, keeping a resolution past February can be next to impossible.

As a way to motivate any smokers out there, we’ve got something special in mind. Part of any resolution is the belief that what you’re doing essentially improves your life. There’s only one cigar that sets out to do just that. Alec Bradley Project 40. Based on studies that claim 50% of one’s happiness comes from genetics, 10% from circumstance, and 40% from one’s own decisions. Alec Bradley hopes to carry the weight of that 40%, hence the name.

Their efforts are already bearing fruit, as Project 40 has already made it to Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25. So this year, whenever you’re struggling to motivate yourself, reach for a Project 40 and let the flavors wash over you. If that 40% of happiness is really in our control, then every so often you’re entitled to a little indulgence. Working hard is only worth it when you’re working towards something, so you need to relish every moment of leisure to make it count.

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