Ferio Tego logo

Ferio Tego Takes Victory Lap with Two New Sticks.

It was not that long ago that smokers everywhere cried out in anguish over the shuttering of the Nat Sherman brand. But hope springs...
Cuba Aliados box

Cuba Aliados is Back!

Some of the older smokers among us might remember the Cuba Aliados name. It was one of the many brands that rose to prominence...
Drew Estates 20 Acre Farm cigars

20 Acres by Drew Estates: Truly One of a Kind

Drew Estates has always been keen on innovation, going above and beyond to always be on the cutting edge. This week, we wanted to...
FDA on Cigars

Judge Rules in Favor of Smoker’s Freedom.

Every cigar lover keeps a keen eye on the news regarding regulation. Tobacco as a product is already heavily regulated, with new rules being...
Liga Privada Unico Papas Fritas

Liga Privada Unico Papas Fritas are Back!

Part of the cigar business is listening to your customers, and we heard you all loud and clear. Liga Privada Unico Papas Fritas Cigars...
Buchanan 12

Cigar Pairings: Buchanan 12 and Oliva Connecticut Reserve

When I tell people I work for a cigar seller, the question I get asked the most often is "Do you get a discount?"...
Redbreast Whiskey

Cigar Pairings: Redbreast and Baccarat

Every so often, we find a cigar pairing that's too good not to share. As much as we sing the virtues of cigars themselves,...
The new line of Escobar Cigars

Escobar Cigars Triumphant Relaunch

Escobar Cigars may be relatively new to the scene, but they're already making waves. The word Cuban is not tossed around lightly in the...
The New Ferio Tego Cigar Line

Ferio Tego: From the Ashes of Nat Sherman

There were many smokers left saddened by the shuttering of the Nat Sherman Cigar brand. After first appearing on the scene back in 1930,...
Alec Bradley Kintsugi Corona Gorda

A Perfect Spring Cigar

Every aficionado enjoys a premium cigar in their own way. Some smoke based on preference, the craving for a chocolate-flavored cigar or a stogie...