The Best Mild Cigars

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nothing sooths like a good cigar

One of the things I love about cigars is the sheer variety available. Every year we see new blends that crest new horizons, explore new flavors, and manage to transcend genre. Even in the sliding scale of strength, there’s always room for nuance. The phrase “mild cigars” encompasses nearly infinite options with their own strengths.

In celebration of the genre, we picked out our selection for the Best Mild Cigars!

  1. Ashton Corona

Ashton has always sold itself on sophistication. Every cigar offers a sense of being a cut above the rest. Maybe it’s just the wrapper, but this Corona brings to mind a glass of the finest champagne. The profile matches that image in more ways than one, offering pleasing notes of lemon, minerals, and a rich creaminess holding it together.

2. Macanudo Gold Label

The gold label for many aficionados might as well be called the gold standard. It has a reserved spot in countless humidors, and it’s easy to see why. The Snickers bar of the cigar world thanks to its naturally sweet notes of caramel and almonds, joined by luscious bites of vanilla and cedar. All encased in a silky smooth Connecticut shade wrapper.

3. Baccarat Petit Corona

A lot of cigar lovers view this as the ultimate mild cigar. Ideal for when you want to unwind after a long day with a cold beer. A Honduran puro, its synergistic profile offers the soothing tastes of  Cocoa and Nutmeg followed by a sweet toasted wheat finish. What defines it though is how balanced its flavors are with its always mild strength level.

Smooth Classic Cigar Combo


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