5 Great Cigars Anybody Can Smoke


Every aficionado had to start somewhere. Once you get some know-how people start asking you for a smoke or advice on what to try. That’s why I’ve compiled a selection of 5 great cigars anybody can smoke. If you’ve tried smoking before and you didn’t enjoy it, these sticks will change your mind about cigars! Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned aficionado, you can’t go wrong with the sticks I’m about to introduce.

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When you want to share a smoke with someone, you may have no idea what they like and they might not even know what they like. These cigars are all mild to medium bodied so they’re perfect for someone starting out. The following stogies were picked based on their complex flavor and their satisfying smoke experience.

Montecristo White Toro

6 x 54

What a dream! It’s a smooth mild cigar with complex notes of honey, wood, and nuts. It’s not going to overpower your palate or bore you to sleep. This cigar features Dominican and Nicaraguan long-filler wrapped in an Ecuadorian Sun-grown shade leaf. No matter what size, Montecristo White is a great cigar for the morning and to take along when you golf.

Avo Classic Robusto

5 x 50

This is a step into spice. This cigar lands around mild to medium on the strength scale. The decadent creamy flavors of this cigar come from the aged Dominican tobacco within a silky Connecticut wrapper. The slight spice is not overpowering so it’s still a versatile cigar anybody can enjoy!

Griffin’s Robusto

5 x 50

The Griffin’s cigar is probably the most overlooked cigar in this collection. However, it deserves a spot among the best of the best. It’s another great mild cigar from Davidoff, who also makes Avo. The blend for this cigar includes tobacco from Cibao Valley, the Dominican Republic which provides the cigar with woody and nutty flavors. The Ecuadorian-Connecticut wrapper gives this cigar a smooth creamy irresistible flavor.

H. Upmann The Banker Annuity

6 x 52

This cigar is a kick! The Banker is a medium-bodied cigar and is the strongest one in this collection. There’s a lot of spice in this cigar but it’s still incredibly smooth and not overpowering on your palate. The flavorful blend consists of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos all bound by a velvety dark Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. This is the epitome of luxury cigar quality tobacco with notes of coffee, earth, and spice.

Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Toro

6 ½ x 52

Last but not least! Rocky Patel is renowned for their exquisite luxury standards. This is a great introduction to fine cigars. There’s a loose draw so it’s easy to smoke there’ll be plenty of smoke! This vintage blend features tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, bound by a Mexican binder and cloaked in a silky Connecticut wrapper. The complex flavors in this cigar are highlighted by woody and toasted nutty notes.

The best part about these cigars is you can get huge savings on them! They’re all included in our White Label Cigar Sampler. I don’t know about you but I don’t like paying full-price when I don’t have to. Stock up on these crowd-pleasing sticks!

Comment below with your thought one these cigars. If you have any cigars you’d like to see in a sampler or have us review, let us know below!

Smooth Classic Cigar Combo


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