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Cigar Review: Montecristo Espada Signature

When starting a review, it's important to stay objective; not letting your expectations color your opinion. I have to admit that was really difficult...

Tobaconist Tips

Great Cigar parings: Maker’s Mark and Oliva Serie V

 It’s Friday night, you finally have some time to yourself. But going out has become an impossibility in this post covid world. Thankfully, you...

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Ferio Tego Takes Victory Lap with Two New Sticks.

It was not that long ago that smokers everywhere cried out in anguish over the shuttering of the Nat Sherman brand. But hope springs...

Cuba Aliados is Back!

Some of the older smokers among us might remember the Cuba Aliados name. It was one of the many brands that rose to prominence...

20 Acres by Drew Estates: Truly One of a Kind

Drew Estates has always been keen on innovation, going above and beyond to always be on the cutting edge. This week, we wanted to...