Gurkha Year of the Dragon: The Latest Must Have!

The Gurkha Year of the Draon
Check out Gurkha's latest masterpiece

Go to some of the finest establishments in the world, and you’ll find Gurkha cigars. Gurkha has become synonymous with luxury and with good reason. They manage to imbue every cigar with a sense of opulence not seen anywhere else in the tobacco world.

Gurkha, for those who aren’t familiar, is named after the famous Gurkha soldiers of the Indian subcontinent. Known as fierce fighters with an indomitable will, the cigars strive to maintain the same level of dedication when it comes to their tobacco’s quality.

Their latest creation only solidifies their already sterling reputation. Gurkha Year of the Dragon is the first blend made to commemorate the Chinese Zodiac. This is more than just a limited release, although only 1000 are being produced. This is an event of momentous proportions!

Don’t believe us? This blend isn’t just limited, it’s top secret! Gurkha is keeping the exact tobacco used in Year of the Dragon under wraps but has disclosed that it uses a savory Maduro wrapper. If you’re curious about the tasting notes, you’ll have to take a draw and find out for yourself. Gurkha wanted to keep every aspect of the blend a wonderful surprise!

Produced in the Dominican Republic at the Tabacalera El Artista S.R.L., Gurkha Year of the Dragon is the first event cigar for 2024. Other brands are going to have a difficult time topping this one!

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