League of Fat Bastards Serie L: Making a Difference

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There are a lot of reasons to smoke cigars. To savor the unique tastes, to clear your head, to soothe the spirit. But what if you could help others by smoking cigars? Well, you’re in luck! League of Fat Bastards Serie L is on a mission to make the world a better place.

This mission comes from the experience of brand founder Adam Levine. No, not that Adam Levine. It’s not the singer. This Adam Levine has spoken candidly about his struggles with depression and mental health in general. A topic that is unfortunately taboo among many adults.

This is a true shame because mental health issues are like any medical problem. They have tangible effects, require treatment, and one of the best things for it is the support of those around you. Yet so many people suffer in silence, convinced that voicing their pain would be a weakness.

An all too familiar and flawed way of thinking. Levine has firsthand experience in how asking for help makes us stronger. This is why he created League of Fat Bastards Serie L. Well aware of how tobacco can bring people together and foster conversation, Levine hopes that by discussing these issues he can break the taboo around mental health.

Not only is he trying to raise awareness, but 40% of all profits for the blend go directly to charities that address mental illness. It’s rare for any company to put the greater good above its bottom line, but League of Fat Bastards is the true exception.

Speaking from personal experience, I’m glad someone is trying to address this issue. Struggles with depression and anxiety can force people to the fringes, convinced that they are somehow weaker than others. It’s only by externalizing these problems that you can begin to treat them. Keeping it inside only turns the pain inward. If you struggle with feelings of hopelessness, obsession, anxiety, or pain, please seek help from a mental health professional.

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