The World’s Oldest, and Most Expensive, Cigars

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They spent how much?!

What’s the most you ever spent on cigars? I mean really splurged and treated yourself to some fine smokes. No matter what the answer is, I’m guessing it wasn’t $507,000! That’s the record for most expensive cigars ever sold. I’m guessing whoever bought them wasn’t just stocking up for the weekend.

The reason those cigars were so expensive was because they were over six hundred years old! And still fit for smoking! Let that be a lesson to all of you, keep up your humidor. The cigars were discovered by archeologists excavating a cave in Guatemala, dated all the way back to the ancient Mayan civilization. They were even found in pots labeled with gylphs that roughly translated to word sicars, literally meaning “to smoke rolled tobacco.”

The Mayans did it first

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The Mayan God of the underworld, lighting up a stogie.

It seem the ancient Mayans were well versed in the joys of a great cigars. Several Mayan gods are depicted in indigenous art as smoking what is clearly a cigar. It must have taken generations to cultivate the right tobacco to be smoked, and just imagine how brave the very first person to smoke some was! That bravery was rewarded with the first taste of euphoria that only comes from a prime cigar. Turns out the Mayans were one of the first civilizations to cultivate tobacco, often using it in religious rituals as well as everyday life. Granted, what we think of as cigars wouldn’t be what the Mayans smoked. From the picture above, we can gather Mayans bundled the rolled leaves without the the wrappers we use on modern cigars. Either way, it seems we have them to thank for the idea of smoking cigars at all. On behalf of the entire planet, I say thank you Mayans!

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A typical Mayan humidor

If you’re wondering who had 507,000 dollars to spare on a few cigars, the answer is Gary Liotta, owner of Santiago Cigar Factory. No word yet on how the cigars ended up tasting, but something tells me they might be a little dry from aging too long.

What’s the most you ever spent on cigars? Let us know in the comments!

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