Aging Room Solera Shade Cigar with Rafael Nodal

aging room solera shade cigar rafael nodal
aging room solera shade cigar rafael nodal

Rafael Nodal of Boutique Blends & Aging Room talks about the Aging Room Solera Shade. The Solera is a method of aging the tobacco normally used for wine. Rafael discovered this method in Spain back in 2003-2004. Every year you have a different wine released but with the solera method, you merge, you combine all the different years and have more equal quality.

Rafael took this method and used it for tobacco. He took tobacco that’s one year old, three years old, five years old and put it together in a barrel. Then aged it for 12-24 months before rolling it into a cigar. The result is the Aging Room Solera. It has balance, unbelievable taste and medium-bodied.

Aging Room Solera also comes in Maduro, Sungrown and Corojo.

Smooth Classic Cigar Combo


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