Alec Bradley American Sungrown

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Founded by Alec Rubin in 1996, Alec Bradley Cigar Co has distinguished itself as a world class boutique producer and vendor in the premium cigar industry. The brand is recognized for both quality and accessibility. Alec Bradley cigars continue to receive top ratings from critics and smokers around the globe.

The Alec Bradley house produces over 25 different lines of cigars. The lines include: American Classic, American Sungrown, Black Market, Fine and Rare, Maxx, Maxx Connecticut, Occidental Reserve, Prensado, Select Cabinet Reserve, Tempus, Tempus Nicaragua, Vice Press, Special Blends, Spirit of Cuba, etc.

Let’s talk about the Alec Bradley American Sungrown, a bolder line of the Alec Bradley American Brand. Alan Rubin, President of Alec Bradley, and the tireless engine behind the success of this cigar boutique corporation says that the American Sun Grown “has darker elements… It’s a nice little spice bomb with more body and more spice than the American Classic…” “We had this beautiful sun grown Habano wrapper leaf from Jalapa, after curing, the leaf acquired great color, burned well, and had a very rich flavor and aroma. By adding it to the filler and binder we’re using in the American Classic Blend, the Sungrown offers excellent balance while directing more spice flavors to the palate.”

The cigars are blended with the same Estelí & Condega grown long-fillers and the Jalapa binder used in the American Classic Blend, but they are finished with a sungrown Jalapa Habano wrapper. The result is a more mature cigar with deep spicy flavors and a robust character. Yet, the cigar is smooth throughout the entire length with solid ash and nutty sweet notes on the palate. The range of flavors from beginning to end is phenomenal and the combination of power and satisfaction that became the benchmark of Alec Bradley reached a higher plateau with the introduction of the American Sun Grown cigar.

The addition of this leaf blend will offer premium cigar smokers a medium strength cigar in the “value” price range.

Smooth Classic Cigar Combo


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