AVO Classic

avo new look
avo new look

Avo cigars is the brainchild of Avo Uvezian who is an acclaimed pianist who would make the cigars himself and then gave them to his friends. Avo went on to meet Henke Kelner to expand Avo’s cigar business and later on sold Avo cigars to Davidoff. Now, Avo cigars are new and improved thanks to Oettinger Davidoff AG revealing that they have revamped the branding of this prestigious cigar line. They come bursting out the gates with an updated tagline (from “Cigars in Perfect Harmony” to “Savor Every Note”) and protected price points making it much easier for customers and retailers to better understand the Avo cigar portfolio and bold, contemporary package design.

“I am delighted to share this new era of AVO Cigars with more and more aficionados around the globe. AVO cigars are ready to give the performance of a lifetime. It’s about the richness of the life you live, the friends you share it with, and the unforgettable experiences along the way. It’s about savoring every note.” says Avo Uvezian.

Since Avo cigars wants retailers and customers to better understand their portfolio, they have focused on four core lines, AVO Classic, AVO XO, AVO Domaine and AVO Heritage. AVO Classic happens to be the company’s most popular cigar to date. Fans of the Avo Signature and Avo Maduro lines will need to stock up on those cigars as much as they can because those lines will be discontinued. All current blends will remain the same. The packaging for the cigars now include a superb, modern wooden box design featuring the AVO logo on the lid of the box, complimented with music bars featuring musical notes from Avo Uvezian’s songs.

“The brand needed to be freshened up in terms of offerings, packaging and communication,” said Richard Krutick, director of marketing for Davidoff of Geneva. “The refresh is an evolution of the brand, not a revolution. It’s about staying true to Avo’s core, but also modernizing it for today’s consumer.”

Avo cigars will be celebrating Avo Uvezian’s 89th birthday in 2015.

“Avo Uvezian is a man of the world who savors every note to the fullest. He cherishes every moment in life with passion and shows insatiable thirst for connections with people from all walks of life. AVO Cigars enables rich and rewarding social sharing experiences: helping drive connections amongst aficionados and turning strangers into friends in a heartbeat.” says Charles Awad, Senior Vice President Global Marketing and Innovation.

The idea behind Avo cigar’s “Savor Every Note” tagline is that cigars involve more than just the taste and experience, it’s all about the lifestyle, enjoying life, and living by your own beat and sharing it with your friends.

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