Cocktails, Tricks of the Pros

cocktails tricks of the pros
cocktails tricks of the pros

No, I’m not talking about flaring. Good bartenders know secrets that yield impressive drinks; things which enhance the drinks and the presentation and the joy. When a bartender is asked how he does it, he assumes an expression of mystery and retort, “That’s my secret.” Since many of us host at home, and make drinks and cocktails, it good to get acquainted with some of the tricks. So here’s how.

Vodka in a block of ice – how?
vodka block of ice lifestyle

Photo by Alex Lau

Vodka should be served ice cold, like its homeland. Elsewhere, it is kept in the freezer. The freezing point of alcohol is too low to actually freeze in the freezer, so there’s no need to worry about the bottle.

The most impressive way of serving a bottle of Vodka at the table or bar, is in a solid block of ice.

Remove the top part of a big sized plastic bottle, so the bottle of Vodka can be comfortably placed in it. With the Vodka bottle in it, fill the vacant space with water and put it in the freezer, standing upright. It will be even better yet if you fill it with distilled water, for when frozen, it will be crystal clear. Take the bottle out of the freezer. Cut the plastic bottle and remove it. Beautiful.

Transparent ice cubes – How they’re done?

transparent ice cubes drinks

Photo by ShakeThat

Transparent, crystal clear, ice cubes. Just like those seen in commercials, and not the opaque ones pouring out of our freezers? Impress yourself and your guests with crystalline ice cubes, here’s the “recipe”;

  1. Pour distilled water into an ice mold.
  2. Freeze
  3. Done.

The secret is in the water. Use only distilled water. And remember, you put the ice cubes in the glass first, and pour the drink on them, to avoid splashing.

Sugar Syrup – How to make it?

sugar syrup for cocktails

Photo by Michael Dietsch

Sugar syrup is used in many sweet cocktails, because sugar won’t dissolve in cold or frozen drinks. It’s easy to make, very affordable and well preserved in a corked bottle. Here’s how –

  1. Boil three glasses of sugar in two glasses of water,
  2. Let it boil for five minutes,
  3. Let it chill,
  4. Bottle it,
  5. Done.

Frosted goblets – How is it done?

frosted goblets cocktails

Very easy. Completely dry the goblets then put them in the freezer for about an hour. Upon being taken out to room temperature, they’ll become impressively frosted. Hold the goblets by the stem, to keep the frost intact. Frost coated goblets are great for cool cocktails, especially those served on a hot evening, and even more so, on a tropical island.

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