Euforia Dominican Luxury Cigar Review

euforia dominican luxury cigar review
euforia dominican luxury cigar review

GMD Group is an up an coming cigar company with many premium cigars under their belt. They recently had a successful IPCPR event where people gave the cigar high-praise for it’s blend. Now let’s light it up and take a closer look at the Euforia Dominican Luxury cigar.

Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Connecticut Ecuador
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Peru

• Euforia cigars are made by world-renowned master blender Hendrik Kelner Jr.
• Includes hand selected tobacco aged for over 5 years.
• Cigars are made in Dominican Republic by Kelner Boutique Factory.


Cold Draw – Sweetness, toasty, barnyard, caramel and white pepper come through smoothly.


First Third – Euphoria Dominican starts with a burst of complex notes of earthy, vanilla, toasty-caramel, white pepper, and nutty flavors. The lit cigar gives of a very natural aroma.  Tons of creamy vanilla smoke. Even construction all around, great so far.


Second Third – So far the cigar smoke has been consistent with a slight increase of black pepper after the primary notes. There is a nice honey-caramel flavors at the tip of the tongue. Retrohale brings out nice notes of pepper, caramel, oak, and nuttiness. Through the second third picks up a little more in intensity with flavor and strength but not much at all a slight spice appears and stay’s in the background but not noticeably there.


Final – On the final third it stays true the creamy notes with an increase peppery flavors which is enjoyable. It picks up in strength a bit more as well but is what is expected the flavor and strength profile staying true and bringing a pleasant smoke. Toasty caramel notes rise secondary in the tip of the tongue.


Conclusion – Smoke time was 1 hour and 5 minutes. This cigar starts with a blast of complex notes and delivers a wonderful balanced flavor.  Even to the last-third, the flavors are still prevalent in the smoke. The Connecticut wrapper gave it that balance of creamy, sweet notes. We loved this cigar after a meal or with a cup of coffee.

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