Steaks and cigars

A steak and a cigar
a cut steak and a lit cigar

There’s a lot of items that complement a cigar and are complimented in return. Whiskey, a good scotch, even the right wine can have its body accentuated by a premium smoke. But man cannot live on drink alone, at some point you’re going to have to eat! One of the finest things mankind ever used fire for, besides lighting cigars, of course, is cooking a steak. Filet mignon, T-bone, flank steak, tenderloin, strip steak, ribeye, whichever you like, however you take it, everyone loves a great steak. It’s only natural to combine it with one of the few things that can rival it in taste, a fine stogie.

Skirt steak

As I’d never recommend something I wouldn’t try myself, I set out to find a smoke that would go well with a fine slice of meat. The steak I selected is a personal favorite of mine, a skirt steak my local butcher has served me for years. Skirt steaks are made from the plate section of the belly and while it contains a lot of connective tissue from tougher muscles, if cooked correctly it becomes incredibly juicy and tender. Best cooked medium to medium rare, but I acknowledge there are aficionados who take their steaks well done so feel free to cook however you prefer. My own recipe keeps it simple, use a non seasoned tenderizer to start, then season sem-liberally with pepper and a pinch of garlic salt, lightly dress with soy sauce to finish. Cook until it reaches your desired level. Best paired with Maker’s Mark.

After countless steaks, I found just the right cigar. After a hardy meal like that, you want a smoke that’s light and calming. I kept trying until I found the lightest, most relaxing smoke there is. A Baccarat Petit Corona! The perfect size for a lazy afternoon smoke, and with a mellow sensation from the first draw, the Baccarat feels like you’re being carried off on a cloud. The perfect sensation to counter a full stomach.

Baccarat cigars

Do you have any preferred after dinner smokes? Let us know in the comments!

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