Adding your own flavors to cigars (Alternative way)

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Dollarphotoclub 57027033 1

Did you know that you can make your own flavored cigars right at home?

Maybe a nice Montecristo Classic that you think would be great with a hint of vanilla… or rum? There are a couple things you can do to infuse your cigars with some of your favorite flavors.

1) Take a couple of tobacco leaves and add a few drops of vanilla extract (or any flavor extract you wish). This will moisten the leaves a bit.

2) Place the leaves in one corner of your humidor

3) Keep the humidor shut for a couple weeks. All of your cigars in the humidor will become infused with the flavor of the vanilla over time.

***If you don’t want to spoil your other cigars, you can simply use any air-tight container instead.

You can also infuse your cigars with alcohol, like whiskey or rum. You don’t need tobacco leaves for this.

1) Pour a couple shots of the alcohol of your choice into a small glass

2) Set the glass in an air-tight container.

3) Place your cigars into the container with the glass and seal it shut.

The longer they stay, the more flavor they will have.

**But try not to leave them for more than 2 weeks. Keep checking the alcohol level and refill when low.

Even if you’re not into flavored cigars, this is a cool experiment to try. We all enjoy a nice drink with our smokes, so why not combine the two!

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