The Big Sale at Christmas

cigar story christmas
cigar story christmas

With the economy cutting back, last year I was invited to just one party. I was happy because I finally closed a sale I was working on for 5 years. I was having a great time, but realized I forgot the two cigars I bought to celebrate. It must of been obvious how upset I was, since a stranger came up to me and handed me a cigar, and said enjoy. I felt bad. The only one he had, until a few minutes later, he had another?? Baffeled, I went up to him, and explained to him, why it was so important and thank you for the cigar, but I noticed you had another. He said follow me. Well in the corner of the catering hall, was a cigar roller, rolling several varieties of cigars. I never saw him. By the end of the night I had several different kinds in my pocket, and had my fill as well celebrating “THE BIG SALE”! Christmas could not have been better.

– Kevin S

Smooth Classic Cigar Combo


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