Fishing with Cigars

cigar story blue fish
cigar story blue fish

Well I fish alot and smoke cigars a REAL lot and had an interesting experience with both June. Me and my fishing bud Big Dave went out in Long Island sound to fish for Bluefish and Striped bass. We were both about to light up our third stogie on a slow fishing day when I said to Dave, “let me give you something special” and we proceeded to light up two long Tatuaje Frankensteins I had been saving. They were about 8″ long and looked really tasty. So we fired right up and and about three or four puffs into the smoke, Dave’s line screams and he has a beast of a bluefish on.

A good fight by both but in the end, the toothy Bluefish, known as “choppers” due to thier teeth and ferocity, comes over the rail. But not before I noticed Dave’s Newly lit Tatuajue floating away.

I started to poke him like no tomorrow saying he should never have lost his cigar at all cost and questioned his mannliness in some good nature ribbing.

Well, Dave asked me to get the hook out of the chopper for him so I lift up the Bluefish with my Tatuaje firmly between my teeth and look down the fishes mouth to see where the hook was and in a flash, the Bluefish whipped his head and clamped his jaw about sixes inches down the cigar and two inches away from my mouth. Cut my cigar to the nub!

Now Dave is having his revenge at all the poking I did at him, but I thought to myself how dissapointed we both were to look forward to have two limited edition cigars and see them foiled by fishing. But in the end we have a story to tell to our kids one


Smooth Classic Cigar Combo


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