CAO Cameroon Robusto Cigar Review

cao cameroon robusto review
cao cameroon robusto review

Pre light inspection reveals a beautiful square pressed robusto with a perfect Cameroon wrapper. Sniffing the foot, I can smell what seems like Chocolate Mint Ice cream… I think I am delusional. The cap is perfect, there is one small vein in the wrapper and it is firm with no soft spots. The cut is accomplished with a wedge cutter and the cigar is enjoyed without benefit of a beverage.


1st Third

The draw has no resistance. The cigar is producing a light gray ash and has a perfect burn. The first draws were somewhat harsh, but the cigar is mellowing out.

2nd Third

The cigar continues to smoke hot; but the burn remains perfect. The cigar surrenders the ash with a gentle nudge. Flavors are quite nice, and becoming less harsh. I believe I can taste spice.

Last Third

The taste is really becoming quite nice. For most of the smoke the burn has been perfect, but as we near the end, we see some canoeing.

Burn and Ash

The ash was grey and firm.


Full body smoke.


This cigar is more than likely a better smoke than this review suggests. For whatever reason, there was no resistance to the draw and so the smoke was hot throughout the experience.

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