Gispert Toro Cigar Review

gispert toro review
gispert toro review

Pre Light inspection revealed a well constructed cigar with no veins, a beautiful Connecticut wrapper and triple cap. Sniffing the foot revealed slight fragrances of earth. Lighting was very easy using a kitchen match. The light was quite even.



1st Third

The cigar draws easy and produces adequate smoke with light flavors that while hard to identify, are very pleasant. This is because I do not identify flavors easily on a cigar. The ash is compact and of a nice light grey. The burn is perfect.

2nd Third

The cigar begins to build in flavor and I can taste what I believe is wood and earth, possibly with a little leather on the back of my tongue. I do note that the head is becoming softer than I am used to with a Maduro and I can see a definite line between where I hold the cigar in my mouth and the rest of the smoke. This does not detract from the cigar, just something I am not used to seeing. The burn continues to be perfect and the ash continues to form nicely, yet is surrendered with just a touch to the ashtray.

Last Third

The flavors continue to build and I can definitely taste wood and earth. Leather too is becoming a little more prominent in that I can readily identify it.


Medium strength smoke


This is a nice surprise. I am usually a Maduro smoker and enjoyed this cigar as a change of pace. It is a mild smoke and I found myself blowing smoke rings and just enjoying it. I could imagine myself smoking this cigar in the very early morning with a cup of coffee as the sun comes up.

Smooth Classic Cigar Combo


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