Cigar Cat

cigar travel story cat
cigar travel story cat

Getting ready for a 30 mile ride on my motorcycle over to my friends house for a cold beer and cigar on a spring afternoon. I packed my leather jacket and two of my favorite Arthuro Fuente cigars for the trip in my saddlebags I thought. I had a nice ride over and settled in on my first beer and deep discussion about the worlds affairs and what we could do to fix them. As the conversation reached a lull. I walked over to get that good cigar out to highlight the afternoon.

To my astonishment there were no cigars in my bags? So, what a bummer and my friend who does not smoke didn’t have any cigars. So, we visited and talked for a while and had another drink. This without a cigar was boring. I loaded up for my peaceful ride home wondering where my cigars were? I know that I walked out with them in my hand on the way to the shop to prepare for the ride. Not sure about where they were kinda puzzled me. As I returned home looking along the road thinking I laid them on the bike or something and they fell off.

Nothing to be seen anywhere. So the bike was put up and looked for the cat aka Mr. Richard to put in the shop for his nightly routine. As usual he was lurking in the shadows or just hiding from me. Nowhere to be found. Then I discovered him by my truck with cigar in paws and if he saying unwrap this bad boy and give me a light. I got that cigar still in good shape and returned it to the humidor. Now I had two cigars before the trip started, but only found the one the cat had. To this day the other cigar has never showed up. I don’t know if he smoked it or put it in his cat humidor……lol

So, the mystery continues……………………

Chares T

Smooth Classic Cigar Combo


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