Father’s Day Gift Guide

Your father raised you, taught you the important things about life, and was always there for you. It’s time to be there for him. This Father’s Day, get him something special. Something that you can enjoy together. The gift of a great smoke!

EP Carrillo Triumph Trilogy

Your dad deserves the absolute best. It doesn’t get better than #1 on Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 list. You’ll find a trio of champion smoke in the box. Rated highly for their unique, exceptionally rewarding flavor profiles. You’ll find some of the most eclectic tastes ever offered by premium tobacco right here. Perfect for any father who appreciates distinguished cigars!

Acid Seven Wonders Sampler

ACID has been one of the top-selling brands since it debuted back during the cigar boom. It’s easy to see why. ACID’s specialized flavor infusion process makes it wholly unique. This sampler lets your dad try out the whole spectrum of flavors ACID has available. Smoke together and decide which is your favorite!

My Father Original 5 Cigar Sampler

What better cigars for your father than My Father. Practically tailor-made for Father’s Day, these classically made stogies are sure to please the refined palate. Each My Father cigar speaks to a simpler time. An era when men were men, and cigars were smoked proudly. We can’t go back to that era, but these cigars allow us to get a taste of it from time to time.

Ashton VSG Sampler

The Ashton VSG Sampler is an absolutely exclusive array of powerful tastes. If your dad appreciates the nuances of full-bodied tobacco, this is the ideal gift for him. Dominican tobacco can be some of the strongest on the planet, thanks to its special combination of soil and climate. They take that already powerful formula and kick it up a notch by sun-growing it and curing it for a full five years!

Rocky Patel Year of the Dragon: Now in Stock

If you’re curious why there are so many dragon-themed cigars this year, it’s because of the Chinese Zodiac. This year just so happens to be the Year of the Wood Dragon, symbolizing growth, power, strength, and good fortune. Qualities that are embodied by the Rocky Patel Year of the Dragon.

Rocky Patel has been preparing for this release for a long time, as the Nicaraguan long filler was aged for a full decade before blending. Ten whole years to make sure every leaf was completely ripened. Ten whole years for the flavors to reach full maturity. The results more than speak for themselves.

It’s stiff competition for this year with all the Dragon-themed releases, but Rocky Patel, as always, has an edge. The considerable blending talent was put behind this cigar. This is why a single draw from each cigar provides the sweet taste of cinnamon, coffee, dark chocolate, and creamy espresso.

Check out some of the other Dragon-themed limited releases right here!

La Flor Dominicana is Back!


We’re proud to announce that we are restocked and rolling out a host of La Flor Dominicana cigars! Some of the best boutique smokes to ever grace the market are back and better than ever. The bands may look different, but the blends are as delectable as ever!

Anyone who has smoked one of La Flor Dominicana’s joyous sticks knows that they sport some of the most powerful tobacco ever grown. We’re not just talking full-bodied, this is fuller than full-bodied. This is herculean-bodied tobacco that invigorates the senses as it pleases the palate.

Part of the reason La Flor Dominicana was founded was to showcase the incredible properties of Dominican tobacco. The founders were tired of the discourse surrounding Nicaraguan tobacco’s supposed superiority. They decided to champion the cause of Dominican-grown tobacco to stellar results.

Since they launched, multiple blends from La Flor Dominicana have reached the yearly Top 25. The La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull even managed to get a 96-point rating, one of the highest scores ever awarded. It’s no surprise that it won Cigar of the Year for 2016!

If you’re curious about the brand, we recommend the Double Ligero blend. Practically a thesis statement for the brand powerhouse, the blend received a 94-point rating. Or try any of the many samplers to get a feel for their flavors

League of Fat Bastards Serie L: Making a Difference


There are a lot of reasons to smoke cigars. To savor the unique tastes, to clear your head, to soothe the spirit. But what if you could help others by smoking cigars? Well, you’re in luck! League of Fat Bastards Serie L is on a mission to make the world a better place.

This mission comes from the experience of brand founder Adam Levine. No, not that Adam Levine. It’s not the singer. This Adam Levine has spoken candidly about his struggles with depression and mental health in general. A topic that is unfortunately taboo among many adults.

This is a true shame because mental health issues are like any medical problem. They have tangible effects, require treatment, and one of the best things for it is the support of those around you. Yet so many people suffer in silence, convinced that voicing their pain would be a weakness.

An all too familiar and flawed way of thinking. Levine has firsthand experience in how asking for help makes us stronger. This is why he created League of Fat Bastards Serie L. Well aware of how tobacco can bring people together and foster conversation, Levine hopes that by discussing these issues he can break the taboo around mental health.

Not only is he trying to raise awareness, but 40% of all profits for the blend go directly to charities that address mental illness. It’s rare for any company to put the greater good above its bottom line, but League of Fat Bastards is the true exception.

Speaking from personal experience, I’m glad someone is trying to address this issue. Struggles with depression and anxiety can force people to the fringes, convinced that they are somehow weaker than others. It’s only by externalizing these problems that you can begin to treat them. Keeping it inside only turns the pain inward. If you struggle with feelings of hopelessness, obsession, anxiety, or pain, please seek help from a mental health professional.

Top Cigar Gifts this St. Patrick’s Day

Oh, faith and begorrah! It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day! One of the most festive days of the year. Grab your favorite brew and some drinking buddies, but don’t forget your cigars. Anyone can tell you that cigars are a natural complement to whiskey, but there are boundless blends that pair well with all types of drinks!

If you’re looking for some top-notch smokes for yourself or your loved ones, we’ve got a massive selection that is sure to please!

Alec Bradley Black Market Filthy Hooligan Toro

A cigar designed specifically for St. Patrick’s Day revelry. The unique, combination design makes it a jack of all trades smoke. Ideal for any draft you decide to pour throughout the night.  Features a blend of Honduran and Panamanian long-fillers, a Sumatran binder, and a Candela and Nicaraguan Jalapa barber pole wrapper. The unique pairing of the Candela wrapper with a sweet Jalapa leaf offers a treat both in appearance and in flavor; with distinct tastes of spice, pepper & coffee throughout.

Alec Bradley Black Market Filthy Hooligan Shamrock Toro

A somewhat lighter version of the original. The Shamrock sports a whole new premium mix with a smoother profile. Its specialized blend of Honduran and Panamanian tobacco immediately kicks off the smoke with the scent of fresh-cut grass, and the taste of vanilla, earth, wood, and just a hint of black pepper. At six inches and a fifty-ring gauge, you’ll have a festive and lively forty-five minutes smoke with the shamrock.

The Glen Cigars

Don’t like having your hands full when you’re smoking and drinking? Why not combine the two? That idea helped launch The Glen, a fusion of single-malt scotch and premium tobacco. Inspired by a time-honored quote from the great Winston Churchill, “My rule of life prescribed as an absolutely sacred rite smoking cigars and also the drinking of alcohol.” Who are we to argue with such an esteemed figure? Truly a wise man.

Rocky Patel Edge Candela Toro

It wouldn’t be St. Paddy’s Day without a lot of green in honor of the Emerald Isle! No need to dye these cigars though, they’re naturally green and wonderful. Built from a secret recipe of hyper premium, expertly aged, and fermented long-fillers. A cigar that’s as aromatic as it is delectable. Full-bodied and loaded with the taste of florals, spice, and sweet cream. Perfect for a night out this March 17th!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from Mike’s Cigars!

Frequently Asked Cigar Questions


So you want to smoke cigars! Congratulations! You’re about to enter a world of incredible tastes! But getting into something as varied and complex as cigars can be intimidating. We decided to put together a little guide to help newcomers!

Cigars vs Cigarillos

A common question. It’s usually easy to identify a cigar or a cigarillo just by size. Cigarillos are considered small cigars, but the difference is deeper than size. Most of what we call premium cigars use whole tobacco leaves in their blending and are rolled by hand. Cigarillos use cut tobacco, sometimes from the blending process of regular cigars, as filler and are usually machine-made.

Cigars vs Cigarettes

While both use tobacco, they are worlds apart. Cigarettes, like cigarillos, are made using finely cut tobacco and tightly rolled. The largest difference is in what’s added. Cigarettes are often chemically treated and filtered to add flavor and aroma, using additives to change the tobacco. Cigars are created using whole tobacco leaves, which are fermented to bring out a host of natural flavors. The lack of a filter allows the smoker to experience the more full-bodied aspects.

Cigar strength

Speaking of full-bodied, new smokers often wonder about the power of a cigar’s profile. The technical definition comes from the actual amount of nicotine within the blend. What’s considered mild often has very little nicotine. Medium-bodied ones usually contain an average amount of nicotine. While full-bodied tobacco has large quantities of it. As someone who was once a beginner with cigars, believe me when I say you should start with mild. Full-bodied cigars can be very overwhelming if you’re not used to the strength, and can make one a little nauseous. Those who become accustomed to it enjoy the way the nicotine mingles with the distinct taste of each cigar.

Cigar Flavors

This one can be tricky, as most cigars do have flavors, but not all of them are “flavored” cigars. We’ll make it simple, flavored or infused cigars have an extra step in the process where unique flavors and aromas are specifically added to the tobacco through a variety of methods. Regular cigars acquire natural flavors through the soil it was grown, the conditions of the growth process, the harvest, the blending, the aging, and fermentation.

Cigar Wrappers

One of the biggest factors that can influence a cigar’s flavor profile is its wrapper. It’s a common misconception that the darker a cigar wrapper, the more powerful the tobacco. While there are plenty of dark shade cigars will full-bodied profiles, the two are not directly related. For simplicity, let’s split wrappers into four main types. Habano, Connecticut shade, Corojo, and Maduro. Habano might be considered the in-between wrapper that’s used for a large amount of complex blends. Connecticut shade is golden in color and associated with milder blends. Be careful though, a Connecticut shade does not mean it’s going to be mild. A Corojo wrapper is slightly darker than a Connecticut, with a reddish brown hue, and can have a certain peppery spice to it. The Maduro wrapper is a darker brown or blackened hue and comes from fermenting the leaf for a longer period. The extra aging often adds even more intricate tastes

What Cigar is Right for me?

Maybe the toughest question of all, because there isn’t a right or wrong answer! If you enjoy a cigar, then it’s the right one for you! Experiment, try different blends to see what catches your eye. A lot of new smokers often try infused cigars first to sample more familiar tastes. It’s pretty common to search for a chocolate or coffee-flavored cigar. There are quite a few brands that meet that description, enjoy!

Gurkha Year of the Dragon: The Latest Must Have!

Go to some of the finest establishments in the world, and you’ll find Gurkha cigars. Gurkha has become synonymous with luxury and with good reason. They manage to imbue every cigar with a sense of opulence not seen anywhere else in the tobacco world.

Gurkha, for those who aren’t familiar, is named after the famous Gurkha soldiers of the Indian subcontinent. Known as fierce fighters with an indomitable will, the cigars strive to maintain the same level of dedication when it comes to their tobacco’s quality.

Their latest creation only solidifies their already sterling reputation. Gurkha Year of the Dragon is the first blend made to commemorate the Chinese Zodiac. This is more than just a limited release, although only 1000 are being produced. This is an event of momentous proportions!

Don’t believe us? This blend isn’t just limited, it’s top secret! Gurkha is keeping the exact tobacco used in Year of the Dragon under wraps but has disclosed that it uses a savory Maduro wrapper. If you’re curious about the tasting notes, you’ll have to take a draw and find out for yourself. Gurkha wanted to keep every aspect of the blend a wonderful surprise!

Produced in the Dominican Republic at the Tabacalera El Artista S.R.L., Gurkha Year of the Dragon is the first event cigar for 2024. Other brands are going to have a difficult time topping this one!

Top Gifts for Cigar Lovers this Valentine’s Day

If you need a reminder, February 14th is right around the corner. The day we show the ones closest to us how much we care. You don’t want to be caught without a present for your loved one on the most romantic day of the year. We’ve all heard stories of someone forgetting the holiday and facing the wrath of their spouse upon arriving home. Here’s a chance to avert that doomsday scenario, we’ve picked out some incredible presents that are sure to please your special someone.

  1. Mike’s Valentine’s Gift Box

Give the gift of luscious premium tobacco this season with Mike’s Valentine’s Gift Box! The perfect expression of affection for the smoker in your life. Arriving right on cue for the most romantic time of the year, it’s an assortment of our finest house brands with accessories to match. Whether you’re shopping for that special aficionado in your life, or simply giving yourself the gift of top shelf taste, we’ve got you covered. Our special Miami Deco blend is designed to offer the same kind of Cuban inspired flavors that once enthralled our founder Mike Mersel. You won’t even need to wait a moment to spark up, as the box includes a cutter and lighter! Happy Valentine’s Day from Mike’s Cigars.

2. Bed of Roses Cigar Combo

If you have a passionate love for Romeo y Julieta Cigars, then you’ll fall head over heels for our Bed of Roses Cigar Combo! We stacked this combo with some of the best sticks Romeo has ever rolled. Including the exclusive Romeo y Julieta Bed of Roses Chruchill, a limited release blend previously only available as part of promotional items. Now you can enjoy the full flavor of this mysterious blend, along with some of the classic staples of the brand. Makes for an exquisite present for any longtime aficionado this holiday season. Taste one of the quintessential brands of premium tobacco with our Bed of Roses Cigar Combo!

3. EP Carrillo Triumph Trilogy

EP Carillo Triumph Trilogy brings together three of the finest cigars ever released into one package, offering a buffet of rich sumptuous savory flavors. There’s a reason this sampler bears the name triumph, as every single cigar in this collection was named one of the top two cigars of the year upon its release. Starting with the incomparable EP La Historia E-III, named the #2 cigar of 2014 for its oily, dark chocolatey tastes. Up next is the EP Carrillo Encore Majestic, voted cigar of the year 2018; the Majestic is a puro that lives up to its name with perfectly balanced spices and sweetness. The grand finale for this sampler is none other than the one and only EP Carrillo Pledge Prequel. The Prequel Pledge has earned untold critical acclaim since its release, easily taking cigar of the year 2020 as it practically redefined the luxury smoke with its symphony of flavors in every draw. The EP Carrillo Triumph Trilogy is the sampler for those aficionados who settle for nothing less than the best.

4. Montecristo White Toro Cigars Whiskey Gift Set

A gift designed for the cultured aficionado, the Montecristo White Toro Cigars & Whiskey Gift Set is guaranteed to put a wide smile on any smoker’s face. Besides four magnificent Montecristo White Toros, an already critically acclaimed cigar known for its smooth, creamy taste, this gift includes two whiskey glasses proudly emblazoned with the Montecristo logo and four whiskey stones for those who take it neat. An excellent gift for any long-time and brand new aficionados alike!

5. My Father Limited Edition Humidor Wood and Piano Finish

The My Father Limited Edition Humidor is every dedicated aficionado’s dream come true. Featuring a fully furnished interior to preserve your cigars. Sporting a polished wood finish with the artful My Father logo emblazoned on the top. Inside you’ll find a full cedar interior along with a built in hydrometer and humidifier to keep your stick in perfect smoking condition. If you’re worried about security, this humidor comes with its own lock and key!

Alec Bradley Project 40: A New Year’s Smoke.

Once the ball drops to mark the new year, our thoughts often turn inward. As tradition dictates, a new year means resolutions. More than goals or hopes, a resolution is a promise of ambition. It’s our desire to improve and live fully combined. But as anyone can tell you, keeping a resolution past February can be next to impossible.

As a way to motivate any smokers out there, we’ve got something special in mind. Part of any resolution is the belief that what you’re doing essentially improves your life. There’s only one cigar that sets out to do just that. Alec Bradley Project 40. Based on studies that claim 50% of one’s happiness comes from genetics, 10% from circumstance, and 40% from one’s own decisions. Alec Bradley hopes to carry the weight of that 40%, hence the name.

Their efforts are already bearing fruit, as Project 40 has already made it to Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25. So this year, whenever you’re struggling to motivate yourself, reach for a Project 40 and let the flavors wash over you. If that 40% of happiness is really in our control, then every so often you’re entitled to a little indulgence. Working hard is only worth it when you’re working towards something, so you need to relish every moment of leisure to make it count.

Holiday Gift Guide: 2023


The moment that Thanksgiving dinner ends, the clock starts ticking on Christmas! Everyone is scrambling to find the right gift for the right person. If you know any cigar lovers, we’ve done the work for you. We searched high and low but finally found the ideal gifts for any aficionado.

1. Macanudo Holiday Gift Set

The Macanudo Holiday Gift Set is loaded beyond the wildest imagination with the absolute finest cigars the quintessential brand has ever offered. Along with a selection of accessories so smokers can light up from the moment they open the box!

2. My Father Toro Selection

My Father Cigars as we all know is an amazing brand of cigars producing exceptional smokes! This amazing gift sampler set is for any lover of the My Father Cigar line or for anybody who just wants to try an array of cigars from the line!! Also, a free lighter and cutter will have you smoking in no time!

3. Oliva Serie V Melanio 2023 Figurino – Figuardo

Oliva Serie V Melanio 2023 Figurino is the latest victory lap from the champion blend that soared to Cigar of the Year back in 2015. Cigar Aficionado rightly awarded the Serie V Melanio blend a near perfect 96 point rating, complimenting its deep and thoughtful profile.

4. Davidoff Aniversario No. 1 Limited Edition

Davidoff Aniversario No. 1 Limited Edition Cigars bring back the beloved blend that defines premium tobacco for many smokers. Originally released to celebrate Zino Davidoff’s 80th birthday, the revival is a brilliant gift to the cigar lovers of the world.

When it was first released, the Aniversario No. 1 was groundbreaking. Complimented for its innovation and craftsmanship when first released, the revival captures all the nuance of the original, Davidoff has decided to revive it as part of its White Band Collection. Resurrecting hallowed blends is a treat for new and old smokers alike.

5. Arturo Fuente Hands Of Time Ashtray

Arturo Fuente Queen B Hands Of Time Red Gift Set is a regal present that features one of the brand’s most iconic sticks in all its flavorful glory. The Chateau Fuente Queen B is a sumptuously sweet smoke bursting with the lavish taste of earth and cedar that’s sure to please the recipient of this gift set. In addition to the lovely Queen B, this gift set includes a stunning crimson red ashtray emblazoned with Arturo Fuente art. The ultimate choice for the holidays or any smoker’s birthday.

6. Montecristo Christmas Gift Box

For those who want to gift those close to them an authentic classical smoking experience, we humbly present our Montecristo Christmas Cigar Gift Box. Montecristo has long been one of the signature brands of the entire cigar market, as its always created nuanced sticks that run the full gamut of flavors. We collected four of their finest stogies and packaged them together to make the perfect present for the smoker in your life!