Escobar Cigars Triumphant Relaunch


Escobar Cigars may be relatively new to the scene, but they’re already making waves. The word Cuban is not tossed around lightly in the cigar world. After all, the embargo is still in effect, much to the annoyance of many old-school aficionados. They’ll be pleased to taste any Escobar cigar and find out its claim of “Cuban” inspired tastes isn’t an empty boast. While they were first launched back in 2018, the entire line was transformed into its current glorious form after one man came into the picture.

Hail to the king

That man was Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, better known as the rapper Nas. The world-renowned artist is a long-time smoker and told Rolling Stone “When the team at Escobar Cigars initially approached me, I was immediately drawn to the brand by the exceptional quality of their product, from the craftsmanship to the enjoyable smoking experience. Of course, the name instantly stood out to me as well, since ‘Escobar’ is an alias I’ve been going by throughout my career.”

Escobar Maduro

Not content to just be a brand ambassador, Nas invested in the company and became its co-owner last August. Since then he’s worked to revitalize the entire brand and bring it into the modern cigar world. Every single Escobar cigar is built from three distinctive varieties of Nicaraguan tobacco, sun-grown in the fertile volcanic soil. The results speak for themselves, with Escobar’s flagship Habano blend sporting a medium to full-bodied profile with notes of vanilla and white pepper, dried fruit, caramel, and herbs. While Maduro vitolas sports the completely powerful tastes of chocolate, black pepper, dry coffee, and firewood. Demand is already sky-high, so curious aficionados will want to act fast!

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Ferio Tego: From the Ashes of Nat Sherman


There were many smokers left saddened by the shuttering of the Nat Sherman Cigar brand. After first appearing on the scene back in 1930, Nat Sherman rose through the ranks to become one of the premier boutique cigar brands. There was always something strangely heartening about Nat Sherman’s story, the well-told tale of starting in a single New York City shop and transforming into a sprawling brand is made all the more rousing by the fact that it was accomplished during the Great Depression.

Ferio Tego's flagship cigars

For those who miss the unique style of Nat Sherman, we have good news! After being acquired by Altria, Nat Sherman was absorbed into the existing structure to focus primarily on its luxury cigarette brands. While the name Nat Sherman was taken, the blends it was loved for were left to the former employees of Nat Sherman. In 2021, they banded together and formed Ferio Tego to bring back the beloved flavors that once made Nat Sherman cigars famous.

A message from Nat Sherman

We here at Mike’s Cigar had a long-standing relationship with Nat Sherman and were saddened to see them go. We’d enjoyed their particular flavors so much, Nat Sherman even commemorated the grand opening of our revamped store in Bay Harbor, sending us a pair of golden scissors to honor the occasion. Those scissors still hang proudly in our lobby to remember the glory days that Nat Sherman heralded.

A Genroso Cigar from Ferio Tego

In addition to its flagship Elegencia and Generoso cigar lines, Ferio Tego offers the critically acclaimed blends for Timeless and Metropolitan that were once under the Nat Sherman Umbrella. Already earning well deserved high scores from the experts at Cigar Aficionado, Ferio Tego in their own words “is never to arrive, but rather to voyage, making brief stops along the way, recognizing achievements and failures alike; and, with humility and thoughtfulness, adjusting course if necessary, to continue the journey.”

A Perfect Spring Cigar

Every aficionado enjoys a premium cigar in their own way. Some smoke based on preference, the craving for a chocolate-flavored cigar or a stogie with sharp, peppery notes. Some smoke based on brand, preferring to stick to the flavors they already know and love. Then there are those who smoke based on the occasion, ever searching for the right cigar to match the mood around them.

As one such smoker myself, finding the right cigar for the first day of spring was no small task. With the deadline fast approaching, I set to work. A Connecticut-shade cigar was the obvious choice, but it ended up feeling cliched. With the turbulent times that this past winter brought, the cigar needed to be more than just a relaxing and mild smoke. I had to pick something that felt hopeful, that brought a level of power to go hand in hand with its flavor.

The answer I arrived at was the Alec Bradley Kintsugi Corona Gorda. Anyone who took a gander at Cigar Aficionado’s top twenty-five for the previous year no doubt saw that this particular stogie took the number 25 spot. The respected leader in tobacco wrote, “the clear rendition of flavor that’s so artfully conveyed by the corona Gorda: dried fruit, cinnamon, espresso bean, and hazelnut come together for a complete picture.”

The Kintsugi so epitomized spring for me because of the inspiration behind it. The art form for which the cigar takes its name is an ancient Japanese practice of mending objects, often with a vibrant golden hue, so that the flaws that have been repaired aren’t hidden but become a part of the artwork itself. For a cigar to so boldly represent the hope that things can be mended, that the mere act of repair can create something wholly better, made it the n8umber one choice. That is what makes for an optimistic spring smoke.

Cigar Review: Montecristo Espada Signature


When starting a review, it’s important to stay objective; not letting your expectations color your opinion. I have to admit that was really difficult with this one. When you have three of the biggest names in tobacco working on your cigars, it’s hard not to have high expectations. When Rafael Nodal, the experts at Group de Maestros, and the renowned Plasencia family announce their working on a cigar separately it’s newsworthy, but combining forces makes it the cigar equivalent of the 1927 Yankees.

So with expectations sky-high, I dove in. For this particular cigar, I used wood matches to light it. My Grandpa used to show off by lighting up always with a single match and one deep draw. I never saw him have to relight once. The genes might have skipped a generation, took me three matches to fully light. The first few draws after being fully lit were exceptionally balanced, but never hid the power that permeated the flavor profile.

The first third was more classically inspired, very woody predominantly. I would say oaky overall, but you can taste the accents of leather. All the while the bouquet is exceptionally earthy, more in line with petrichor than typical woodland soil. It reminds me of sitting out on the porch after a light summer drizzle.

The second third is really where the magic starts. All the tastes are here and they’ve brought their A-game! You’re immediately hit with the spice, it shifts instantly from one draw to the next. It’s intense, but it’s quickly countered with a rich sweetness from the deep chocolate core. It’s almost like its tobacco was cured and aged inside a candy store. A lot of cigars claim to have chocolate flavor but barely manage to have the same sweetness as one square of a Hershey bar. The Montecristo Espada Signature manages to pack in more chocolate flavor than any cigar I’ve ever smoked without skimping on its other tastes.

The final third is where the profile crosses over from medium to full-bodied. Which vibes well with the introduction of strong espresso, creating a very creamy and satisfying finish. Those final few puffs are exceptional as all the flavors make a return to wave goodbye. Total smoke time was one hour and eight minutes. Time well spent. The overall score for the Montecristo Espada Signature: 95

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CAO Arcana Firewalker Makes its Debut


After the show-stopping debut of CAO Arcana Mortal Coil, smokers were hotly anticipating a follow-up. But no one could be prepared for what was coming next. The Mortal Coil would be a hard act to follow no matter what, considering the acclaim it received for its unique fermentation process that brought about its nuanced balance of creamy spices.

Expectations were obviously high, so CAO had to go above and beyond for the sequel. Their answer was the Firewalker. Why is it called fire walker? Because this cigar goes one step further than others to achieve its out-of-this-world flavor. Not satisfied to simply age its tobacco, CAO uses a specialized process called Chincagre. After its harvested, the Nicaraguan Masatepe is placed into a pilon and then buried within the volcanic soil from which it was planted. That specialized mix of ahs and soil that can only be found from Nicaraguan volcanos is how we get the Firewalker’s powerful tasting notes. Once it’s aged and blended to perfection, it’s cradled in a flawless Habano Rosado wrapper to add a sweet finish.

Early consumer reviews point to another hit for CAO, with some calling it an early contender for Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25.

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Mike’s Spotlight: The Top 25 Cigars of 2021

As with each passing year, the experts at Cigar Aficionado have decreed what sticks were truly the best 2021 had to offer. This year, the top honor went to the Padron 1964 Anniversary Torpedo (natural). Their tasters wrote “The Torpedo serves as a fine example of everything the Padróns wanted to achieve. Box-pressed and attractive, it starts with a woody, nutty core that gradually becomes more complex. Notes of hazelnut are uncannily precise and segue into a rich, opulent smoke of cocoa bean that settles onto the palate like the fine confections of a chocolatier. The draw and burn are perfect and the cigar’s only flaw is that it ends.”

While the entire world is currently waiting with anticipation for a state of the Padron 1964, it should be said some patience is required. Padron is currently ramping up production, but as always, quality has to come before quantity with every cigar. Aficionados will likely have to wait for quite a while before the cigar is back in stock, but in the meantime, we decided to spotlight those stogies from the Top 25 where the wait is considerably shorter.

Montecristo 1935 Anniversary No.2

Montecristo 1935 Anniversary Nicaragua

It’s a great year for Anniversary smokes, as the aptly named Montecristo 1935 Anniversary No.2 took second place, with the experts saying its flavor profile “plays out beautifully here with a spicy, earthy backbone refined by notes of leather, coconut, and malted milk.” It’s no wonder our own tasters described it as a “culmination of everything Montecristo has built over its decades of providing sumptuous smokes.” Can’t get your hands on the Torpedo, check out the entire Montecristo 1935 Anniversary line!

San Cristobal Quentessence Churchill

San Cristobal Quintessence

After taking the number one spot back in 2016, it came as no surprise to the experts that its new vitola wound up taking third five years later, with Aficionado saying “It’s rich, nutty and complex conveying an earthy foundation of coffee bean character, a mid-palate of baking spices and a charming, cappuccino finish” Our own tasters had a similar opinion, saying the “Quintessence illuminates the palate with sweet notes of molasses, coffee, black pepper, and a symphony of spices.” If you’re having trouble finding the Churchill, try out one of the many other vitolas from San Cristobal Quintessence Cigars.

Casa Cuba Doble Cuatro

Casa Cuba Doble

A true classical style smoke, the Casa Cuba Doble Cuatro was a frontrunner for the best of list from the moment it was released. Taking the number five spot for 2021, Cigar Aficionado wrote, “the Doble Cuatro tempers each subtle, spicy note with sweet intonations of molasses and licorice. It’s a bow to the past as Carlos Fuente Sr. saw it, and a lovely cigar no matter your family history.” Never one to contradict the experts, our own tasters described it as ” smooth with subtle hints of spice from the moment you light up to the moment you reach the final nub.” The Casa Cuba Doble Cuatro is limited to in store sales only, so stop on by our store at 1030 Kane Concourse, Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154! If you can’t manage to get the Doble Cuatro, there are plenty of other critically acclaimed smokes from the Casa Cuba line!

Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro Churchill

Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro

Luscious and luxurious from the first draw, its easy to see why the Oliva Serie V Melanio Maduro Churchill took the number 7 spot with Cigar Aficionado describing it as “luxurious procession of rich, regal character starting with notes of German chocolate cake that segue into a smoke of baking spices, malted chocolate and lively, cedary accents.” Our own description wasn’t far off, “A fantastic cigar built from fillers aged in the Nicaraguan estate-grown Habano ligro, known for a more distinct leaf than the Esteli or Condega regions, and famous for its robust and rich flavors added with its sweet Jalapa” For those who need the rich taste of the Churchill right now, but have trouble with the demand, check out some of the other luscious vitolas from Oliva Serie V Melanio.

Rocky Patel Grand Reserve Robusto

Rocky Patel Grand Reserve

It wouldn’t be a true top 25 without a Rocky Patel cigar! This year the Grand Reserve took the number 9 spot because, ” Each puff is loaded with a savory, leathery quality that sets the stage for subsequent notes of crushed peanut and red meat. Sweet transitions to salted caramel and licorice are seamless.” Not to be outdone, our own tasters said “This super creamy Robusto offers the delicate sweetness of dried fruit and chocolate, the delicate bitter tones of tea, as well as woody, leathery, and nutty aromas. Caffè latte and herbal spice are “just” the encore.” There is plenty to enjoy beside the Reserve Robusto, so be sure to smoke one of the many other vitolas from Rocky Patel Grand Reserve.

Arturo Fuente Rare Pink Vintage 1960’s Séries Happy Ending

Arturo Fuente Rare Pink Vintage Series 1960

Another name that inevitably had to make the top 25, Arturo Fuente outdid themselves with the Happy Ending, earning the number ten spot and such acclaim as “an exciting composition that starts slowly with layers of earth, hazelnut and coffee. Once the burn goes beyond the tapered foot, the smoke bursts like a literary climax with orange peel, cloves and gingerbread.” This one is particularly rare, with some stores not even having s ignle box yet, but smokers who are craving its taste can get that stogie and more in our CRA Freedom Cigar Sampler. Be sure to check out one of the many equally acclaimed cigars from Arturo Fuente!

Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Concerto

Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua

Once taking top honors in 2019, Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua is back with a new vitola and the number 14 spot, with one reviewer saying “the blend that gives us the finest performance: an orchestral suite of flavors that range from espresso and chocolate to pecan and caramel. A note of star anise resonates on the finish for a lasting encore.” We agree, as our tasters said ” this cigar is a testament to that! Rafael Nodal has been able to work with many different cigar makers since he teamed up with Altadis USA. Unlocking his potential and the potential of cigar makers like AJ Fernandez and the Placencia family”. If you can’t get a hold of a box of the Concerto, check out the rest of the award-winning Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua line.

Herrera Esteli Habano Robusto Grande

Herrera Esteli Habano

Taking the number 15 spot, its the one and only Herrera Esteli Habano Robusto Grande. A true champion smoke, Cigar Aficionado said “The Robusto Grande delivers a substantial, yet balanced, smoke of earth and pepper underscored by sweet, nutty elements of salted peanut, candied pecan and caramel. A toasty finish makes this cigar as cohesive as it is flavorful.” Our own experts lavished the taste for its “profile that delivers notes of spices, white pepper, semi-sweet vanilla, cedar, cream, and roasted nuts.” Don’t forget to check out all the wonderous smokes from Herrera Esteli!

My Father The Judge Grand Robusto

My Father The Judge

It’s practically tradition for My Father Cigars to make the list, and this year The Judge Grand Robusto took number 17 with Cigar Aficionado saying “the Grand Robusto has the look and taste of a chocolate bar, with sweet hints of peanuts, caramel and just a touch of red pepper spice.” Our own experts were blown away by the blend’s origin writing “Using a new Sumatra blend “The Judge” is finished in beautiful Sumatra Oscuro wrapper from Ecuador. Using a full blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos the binder leaves are 2 different leaves one is a Corojo and the other is a Criollo.” For those who can’t seem to find the Robusto in stock, there is plenty to enjoy from the other sizes in the My Father The Judge line!

Saint Luis Rey Carenas Toro

Saint Luis Rey Carenas

A surprise addition to the list, but a welcome one. Saint Luis Rey Carenas was awarded the number 19 spot as “The Toro kept us wide awake as spicy notes of ground red pepper, snaps of leather and almond played off the woody core.” Our tasters were just as transfixed, writing “a sumptuous smoke brimming with earth spices and subtle notes of salty air.” Be sure to see what else Saint Luis Rey Carenas has to offer!

Ramon Allones by AJ Fernandez Torpedo

Ramon Allones by AJ Fernandez

Who but AJ Fernandez could win such consistent acclaim, as his expertise is all over the Ramon Allones. Taking the number 22 spot, Cigar Aficionado commented “Like many Fernandez cigars, the smoke is strong, showing a hearty mix of raisin and walnut notes with a tangy hint of cedar.” Our sentiments exactly as we wrote, ” AJ’s interpretation of this classic Cuban brand is sure to wow aficionados with high standards!” It might be difficult to find a box of the Torpedo, but the blend is just as excellent in other Ramon Allones by AJ Fernandez

Ashton Heritage Puro Sol Churchill

Ashton Heritage Puro Sol

Is there a more trusted name in luxury cigars than Ashton? Evidently not, as the Puro Sol took the number 23 spot with Cigar Aficionado writing, ” It delivers a complex weaving of hickory, walnut and leather notes with a touch of smoky, earthy flavors reminiscent of your last dram of Islay Scotch” We couldn’t agree more as we wrote, “This exquisite cigar marks the first time a Cameroon wrapper has surrounded an Ashton brand blend and the results are stunning.” Not a fan of the Churchill, try one of the other wonderous Ashton Heritage Puro Sol!

EP Carrillo La Historia E III – Churchill

EP Carrillo La Historia E-III

After the show-stopping debut of Pledge Prequel last year, another EP Carrillo making the list was inevitable. This time its the number 24 spot as Cigar Aficionado commented ” It returns to our list with its bold, flavorful blend, redolent of coffee, wood and earth, even a touch of briny olive.” Our own tasters were just as transfixed, writing, ” Once you light one of these cigars, you’ll instantly taste the draw of rich, roasted nuts, coffee, hints of black pepper, and dark cocoa and hints of creaminess.” There’s also a lot to explore in the other sizes available from the EP Carrillo La Historia

Alec & Bradley Kintsugi Corona Gorda

Alec Bradley Kintsugi

Eastern transformative art doesn’t sound like it’d make a good inspiration for a cigar, but the Alec Bradley Kintsugi proves that notion wrong. Taking the number 25 spot, Cigar Aficionado wrote “Unbroken, however, is the clear rendition of flavor that’s so artfully conveyed by the corona gorda: dried fruit, cinnamon, espresso bean and hazelnut come together for a complete picture.” Our own tasters fell in love with this cigar writing, “You’ll be transported by the intoxicating aroma and a delectable flavor profile that is overflowing with notes of cinnamon, coffee, and spice.” Be sure to also check out the other amazing vitolas in the Alec Bradley Kintsugi line!

Did you have any favorites from 2021? Let us know in the comments!

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Smoker’s Choice 2021

Another year has come and gone, with the memory of countless premium cigars to mark where we’ve been and what we smoked. As we look towards what 2022 may bring, we take a moment to commemorate those cigars that our loyal smokers savored above all else. These are the cigars our customers raved over and came back for again and again.

4. Davidoff Cigarillos Mini Cigarillos Gold

Davidoff Mini Cigarillos Gold

The pinnacle of luxury through and through, Davidoff has spent a century mastering the art of cigar making. So it comes as no surprise that our fourth most in-demand item was the Davidoff Cigarillos Mini Cigarillos Gold. Mild in strength but powerful in rich, creamy flavors and pleasing aromas. Its sophisticated blend of Indonesian, Brazilian, and Dominican tobacco clearly put it above every other cigarillo we offer, earning the number four spot with aplomb.

3. Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto

Oliva Serie V Melanio Robusto

The number one name in artisanal cigars, it’s no surprise that our third best-seller was the Oliva Serie V Melanio. Once taking the number eight spot in Cigar Aficionados coveted Top 25 of 2016. Using expertly fermented Ligero fillers with no soft spots, the Serie V Melanio manages to pair its full-bodied strength with powerful flavors. Lighting it up offers the wonderful aroma of cedar, while a single draw unleashes the robust chocolate flavor and peppery notes. A smoke this good, it’s a wonder it didn’t make it higher on the list!

2. Arturo Fuente Double Chateau

Arturo Fuente Double Chateau

 The culmination of four generations of expert cigar makers, the Arturo Fuente Double Chateau rightly earns the number two spot for 2021. It’s clear our customers were big fans of the stick’s silky Connecticut shade wrapper and affectionately blended Dominican tobacco. Along with its creamy array of toasted nutty flavor and aromatic cedar sleeves, this is the mellow smoke that so many of our customers needed during the tumultuous events of 2021.

  1. Acid Blondie
ACID Blondie

For the second year in a row, the Acid Blondie was our number one bestseller across the entire globe. Smokers just can’t seem to get enough of that indelible flavor that comes from ACID’s proprietary blend of essential oils, herbs, floras, and tobacco all aged together in the same space. Lighting it up creates a one-of-a-kind sensation that has clearly stuck with our customers, and helped make ACID the biggest name in infused cigar since its debut over twenty years ago.

What were your favorite cigars in 2021? Let us know in the comments!

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Cigar Pairings: Lagavulin 11 Year Old Offerman


Whiskey and cigars, the unquestioned classical combination. Something about whiskey, its unique properties, the inherent peatiness from its aging process, elegantly compliments cigars. Despite their inherently synergistic nature, finding the right cigar for the right whiskey is an art in and of itself. This month, one of Cigar Aficionados’ sister publications, Whiskey Advocate, released its pick for best of 2021.

Lagavulin 11 year old Offerman

The winner was the Lagavulin 11 Year Old Offerman, described by their tasters as “The peat smoke and maritime salinity become wrapped in the freshness of fragrant citrus, melding with honeyed vanilla and white chocolate. On the palate, a subtle backdrop of peat embers harmonizes with flavors of toffee and baked orange, leading to a nimbly smoked finish that sings with notes of coffee and chocolate, and just goes on and on.”

With a description that glowing, we had to search high and low to find the right cigar to pair with it. We eventually narrowed it down to one brand, Ashton cigars. The luxurious, handcrafted care that Ashton puts into every cigar made it the only choice to pair with the Lagavulin. But which Ashton. After more searching, we found our answer.

Ashton Heritage Puro Sol Churchill

The Ashton Heritage Puro Sol Churchill won out with its unique properties to accommodate the sweet notes of the Lagavulin with its own savory flavors. Described by the experts at Cigar Aficionado as having “A complex tapestry of hickory, walnut and leather notes are detailed and precise amidst a smoky backdrop reminiscent of an Islay Scotch. Subtle spiciness brings it all together in a sublime fashion.” Combined with the Lagavulin, it’s an absolute feast for the senses!

Have any whiskey and cigar pairing you want to recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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Cigar Pairings: Dominus Estate


As we near the end of the year, the top ten lists for every new product inevitably follow. While many smokers take the words of Cigar Aficionado as gospel, some aren’t aware of its sister publications Wine Spectator and Whiskey Advocate. Recently, Wine Spectator put out its top ten list for 2021. The top spot went to the Dominus Estate 2018, a limited edition vintage whose brilliance came as a miracle during a drought year.

Dominus Estate 2018

Built by longtime wine creator, Christian Moueix, the Dominus is said to be a culmination of his fifty years of experience. Described by the experts at Wine Spectator as “tightly packed, with sleek, pure, driven notes of cassis, plum reduction and blackberry puree allied to an iron spine, while subtle alder, juniper, sweet bay leaf, and tobacco notes peek in throughout. Very fine-grained, but impressively sturdy in feel, with a long, lingering note of iron piercing the finish.”

One masterpiece deserves another. It didn’t take us long to decide the ideal pairing for the Dominus Estate 2018 would be 2020’s own cigar of the year: the EP Carrillo Pledge. For those who haven’t tasted the immaculate wonders of the EP Carrillo, Cigar Aficionado said it best when they said “the E.P. Carrillo Pledge Prequel is a delicious smoke that delivers flavor in bold, zesty parcels of spicy oak, licorice, black cherry, and black pepper….when you think you’ve tasted all the cigar has to offer, a warm, familiar note of baked apple settles across the palate. That performance alone is what sent the cigar straight to the top of the list.” 

The EP Carrillo Pledge Prequel

Do you have a favorite wine and cigar pairing? Let us know in the comments!

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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of year once again, where families and friends gather, warm regards are given, and gifts are joyously exchanged. No matter what you celebrate this festive season, we’ve selected just the right presents for that picky cigar lover in your life!

Arturo Fuente Casa Cuba Ashtray

To kickstart a smoking session, you need three things: a cutter, a lighter, and a place to ash the cigar. As it happens, we have all three on this list, starting with this vibrantly decorative Arturo Fuente Casa Cuba ashtray. A colorful addition to any collection, this lovely ashtray is emblazoned with the Arturo Fuente logo and makes a perfect combination gift with one of their trademark cigars. Buy here.

Romeo y Julieta Miami Deco Travel Humidor

Mike’s Cigars is proud to be the home of the new Miami Deco line of cigars, as we were founded right here in The Magic City! In addition to five deliciously spicy Romeo Y Julieta Miami Deco, whoever revives this gift will have a working humidor they can take anywhere! Buy here.

Vertigo Big Buddha Quad Torch Lighter with Punch

Vertigo has been doing amazing things with lighters in recent years, continually surpassing their own standards with new technology. The Big Buddha is one of their best offerings, sporting four instantly sparking flames and a built-in punch cutter to instantly light any cigar. Buy here.

My Father Humidor Deluxe – Pepin Garcia 70th Birthday Limited Edition Humidor

The absolute pinnacle of refined smoking, this top-of-the-line humidor comes fully stocked with over one hundred specially designed cigars that can’t be found anywhere else. An excellent choice for any long-time collector or fan of high-end, luxury boutique cigars. Buy here.

Montecristo White Toro Cigars Whiskey Gift Set

What would whiskey be without cigars? What would cigars be without whiskey? Include a bottle of something nice, and whoever gets this gift set won’t have to answer either question. Our personal recommendation, a bottle of Maker’s Mark Whiskey compliments the creamy flavors of the Montecristo White. Buy here.

Montecristo Toro Sampler

Montecristo is one of the signature cigar brands. Ask someone on the street to name a cigar, and chances are they’ll come up with either a Macanudo, a Cohiba, or a Montecristo. This Sampler has twelve of their best sticks all arranged for your perusal. The ideal gift for any fan of the Montecristo line. Buy here.

Cohiba Wood Ashtray with Cigars

Cohiba is for many, the quintessential name in cigars. This classical wooden ashtray comes with five of Cohiba’s world-famous Robustos, as well as an organized wooden ashtray with a detachable tray and drawer to store cutters and lighters. Perfect for smokers who value authenticity. Buy here.

Oliva Serie V Variety Sampler

If you’ve never smoked an Oliva, you don’t know what you’re missing. The modern gold standard in premium cigars, any aficionado will appreciate this sumptuous sampler of their most superb smokes. Coming in five distinct vitolas, whoever receives this sampler will be taken on a journey by its distinctive, award-winning blend. Buy here.

Rocky Patel Lighter Envoy 5 Torch Lighter

A sleek marvel of engineering, the Rocky Patel Envoy 5 Torch Lighter can spark up a cigar in even the harshest of circumstances. Wind-resistant, with a built-in punch cutter and clear fuel window, and perfectly sized to fit in your pocket, the cigar lover in your life will love this A+ grade lighter. Buy here.

Davidoff Gift Selection Robusto

Davidoff is the brand that helped redefine luxury in the cigar world, and this sampler is all the proof you need, Each Robusto is a work of tobacco blended art, having scored high marks from the critics at Cigar aficionado every time. This gift selection is practically guaranteed to put a smile on whoever receives it. Buy here.

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