Don’t Forget to Calibrate Your Hygrometer!

dont forget to calibrate your hygrometer
dont forget to calibrate your hygrometer

hygrometerIf you want to maintain the condition of your cigars, it’s best to calibrate your hygrometer once a year. This is the instrument in your humidor that measures the moisture content in the air (humidity level). A humidor that is too wet will cause mold, and a humidor that is too dry will dry out your cigars. A difference of 5% will make a big difference to your cigars. The humidity level should be about 70%.

To calibrate your hygrometer, use plain table salt (NaCl). A solution of table salt and water will maintain 75% RH in a sealed environment at room temperature.

What you need…

• One tablespoon of salt
• Small bottle cap sized container
• Ziploc bag

• Place a tablespoon of salt into the small container and add a few drops of water so you have a wet pile, not dissolved salt. (If you add too much water, just add some more salt.)

• Place the wet salt solution and your hygrometer into the bag, making sure not to spill the solution on your hygrometer.

• Press most, but not all, of the air out of the bag and seal it. (make sure that the bag is well sealed)

• Leave it for a minimum of five hours at room temperature before checking the reading.

• After five hours, read the hygrometer through the bag. It should read 75%. If not, note the reading and repeat the procedure.

• Take the average of the two readings for a good calibration figure. For instance, if you have readings of 70 and 72%, your calibration figure should be- 4%. When checking your humidor using that hygrometer, always add 4% to get the accurate reading.

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