What’s that Smell?

Whats That Smell Coming from My Air Conditioner
Whats That Smell Coming from My Air Conditioner

cigar burningNever “put out” a cigar by stubbing the end of it. You should always let it extinguish itself naturally.

Ever been in a cigar lounge and seen someone stub the end of their cigar in the ash tray when they’re done smoking? You know that horrible smell that gets released into the air? Unpleasant odors fills the air because the cigar’s filler tobaccos become exposed, and these are filled with a buildup of oils.  I’m sure we’ve all done it at some point, but it’s not proper cigar etiquette.

The reason for this harsh smell is that as your cigar burns, the filler accumulates oils and tars. So when you stub the cigar, the wrapper splits, exposing the oils and tars and releasing a horrid smell. Since cigars need continuous puffing to maintain combustion, you can simply place the cigar in the ashtray and walk away, and it will extinguish itself.

Cigars won’t taste the same once they’ve been smoked already, so if you’re short for time, try a shorty cigar. Personally, I will not smoke a cigar once it has already been smoked. Oliva makes some good shorties, and so does Punch. Just look for Robustos if you want a smaller cigar.

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