Get Lost into the Deep Taste of Partagas

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Made in the Dominican Republic, the medium-to-full bodied cigar has a Cameroon wrapper and a binder from Mexico. The cigar’s filler is from its own manufacturing destination, the Dominican Republic. The cigar renders its lovers a rich, deep caramelized taste when they smoke it.

After starting its voyage in Jamaica in 1974 under the supervision of Ramón Cifuentes, the standard cigar line called Partagas moved to the Dominican Republic in 1978 and got immediate attention with its famed red band. The cigar has a toasty aroma mingled with a hint of spice, responsible for its sweet and delicious taste. This cigar produces spontaneous enjoyment when it is smoked. Partagas is one of the most famous and recognizable cigar brands around the world. Made from the best wrapper leaves, the cigar has an unforgettable taste that has an ability to cast a spell on any smoker :). The cigar is a not-to-miss opportunity both for its existing and new lovers that want to explore a unique and elegant taste.

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