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Honored with more than the rating of 90 by the cigar magazine “Cigar Aficionado,” La Gloria Cubana cigar has been one of the best cigars for cigar lovers since 1990. Even today, the cigar is one of the most preferred and admired cigars globally. La Gloria Cubana is a perfect mix of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers. Its Nicaraguan binder along with the beautifully aged wrapper from Ecuador and Connecticut delivers a full, rich flavor that allows all smokers to enjoy a taste full of flavor with notes of herbs and cloves.

Made in Dominican Republic, the cigar can be grabbed through the best deals so you won’t miss a chance to enjoy your beloved cigar. The cigar is a must for those who want a taste of beauty. The complete product line of La Gloria Cubana consisting La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Obelisco, the Artesanos Tabaqueros, the Reserva Figurado, the Serie N, and the Serie R gives smokers a reason to mark all occasions with this highly celebrated brand. Available in 23 sizes, the cigar can be found in singles, packs and boxes.

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