Gispert Cigars: Giving Smokers a Reason to Come Back for More

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Cigar lovers around the world like to go for a complete and accomplished cigar that provides satisfaction and a perfect and unique taste. Handmade in Honduras, Gispert has become a popular cigar brand since its inception in the market and has gained popularity amongst smokers. These cigars are specially crafted with a unique mix of Honduran and Nicaraguan grown long filler tobaccos, a Honduran binder, and a rich golden Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper. Unlike other cigars, Gispert is completely free from the use of cheap quality tobacco and other harmful ingredients that are sometimes used in lower-quality cigars. The cigar is hand-rolled and perfectly made by Altadis in Honduras. The former Cuban brand is now manufactured in Honduras and presented and packed in 20-25 count boxes including 25 for Natural color wrapper and 20 for the Maduro. The cigar has been honored with continuous praises and positive ratings from popular cigar magazines for its tasteful aroma that gives smokers pleasure when they light one up.

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