A Unique Taste and Aroma with CAO Cigars


Introduced in 2007 by the CAO Cigar Company of Nashville, Tennessee, CAO has retained an envious reputation in the cigar industry. A golden US Connecticut shade grown wrapper, and the other a deep, dark US Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper, and filler from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Italy, USA are the obvious reasons behind the existence of this full-bodied, complete and accomplished cigar. This Honduran beauty is the outcome of ligero longfiller blend of tobaccos from Nicaragua. The cigar is an amalgamation of these tobaccos that result in a truly complex, full bodied cigar that makes its loyal fans coming back for more.

The cigar has a wide range of lines that consists of CAO America, CAO Brazilia, CAO Cameroon, CAO Flavours, CAO Gold, CAO Gold Maduro, CAO Italia, CAO La Traviata, CAO Lx2, CAO Maduro, CAO Mx2, CAO OSA Sol, CAO Sorpranos and more!. When it comes to finding such a cigar that makes its smokers feel relaxed and comfortable, CAO catches all eyes.

Smooth Classic Cigar Combo


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