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When it comes to a cigar that makes your mouth water, Perdomo catches all eyes as it is a renowned cigar brand from Tabacalera Perdomo. The brand is sold globally and is famous for its worldwide reach and access. Made in Nicaragua, Perdomo is an extremely well balanced “puro” that owns an elegant blend of all cuban-seed (Semilla Habano) wrappers, binders and fillers. The carefully and beautifully hand-selected and well-aged cigar emerges as one of the finest and tastiest cigars in the world. The cigar is available in traditional yet elegant boxes of 20 cigars. Perdomo has a product line that includes Squared, Edición de Silvio, Fresco, Gran Cru, Habano, Inmenso, Lot 23, Moments, Patriarch, Reserve 10th Anniversary, Reserve Golf, Cuban Bullet, Don Rios, Genuine Cuban Counterfeits, La Tradición Cabinet Series, Nick’s Sticks and Tierra del Sol. For a smoker that always searches for a relishing aroma and rich taste, Perdomo definitely brings quality to the table.

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