Don Diego – Smooth & Mellow

large mikes cigars product 86
large mikes cigars product 86

Don Diego cigars are considered a solid, rich cigar for smokers who want a smooth and mellow cigar at a great price. Proved consistent at all times, these cigars are flavorful and aromatic with silky, light-bronze Connecticut wrappers. You will find that each of the Don Diego cigars offers a mild tobacco flavor, using a smooth Dominican and Brazilian tobacco blend.

These cigars have been rightly synonymous with high-quality mild to medium-bodied cigars, beginning with the original Don Diego and then the Playboy by Don Diego. Don Diego successfully ventured into the realm of big and bold cigars for the first time with Don Diego Fuerte in the year 2010.

Don Diego cigars have generations of history. It originated from the Canary Islands; the first cigar was made there after the Cuban embargo began. This amazing and wonderful cigar brand is now masterfully and skillfully crafted in the Dominican Republic. Known for its zesty flavor and rich aromas, it has a smooth Connecticut shade wrapper, and specially aged & hand-selected tobaccos, this one cigar is not to be missed.

Smooth Classic Cigar Combo


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