Perdomo Cigars: Depicting Past, Present and Future

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World renowned Perdomo Cigars are meticulously hand crafted by the Tabacalera Perdomo Company. With an unparalleled attention to detail and a commitment to greatness that’s been handed down from generation to generation, Tabacalera Perdomo is a company built on three distinct pillars: quality, tradition and excellence. Handmade in Nicaragua, Perdomo cigars are made using exceedingly strict quality control standards to deliver boutique handmades of the highest quality. Each Perdomo cigar performs like a dream, bringing rich balanced flavors in droves. Hand rolled to perfection with a combination of exceptional wrappers, binders and fillers; Perdomo stands to be one of the finest brands of premium, hand crafted cigars in the world.

Flawless tobaccos are carefully hand selected and aged, giving birth to a distinctive and unique cigar. A product of Cuban-seed tobacco leaves that are grown on three different farms and in the geographical regions of Nicaragua; Perdomo gets its unique flavor from leaves native to the region of Estelí, combined with aromatic and naturally sweet tobaccos from Condega and the Jalapa valley. Perdomo cigars are highly sought after by cigar aficionados and connoisseurs worldwide. Perdomo has a product line that includes Squared, Edición de Silvio, Fresco, Grand Cru, Lot 23, Reserve 10th Anniversary, Nick’s Sticks, Perdomo 20th Anniversary editions and a large variety of sampler packs as well available on our cigar website. For a smoker that seeks a rich taste and outstanding quality – Perdomo cigars are not only the right choice, but Perdomo represents the past, present and future of the quality cigar.

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