Rocky Patel Edge A10

rocky patel the edge a 10
rocky patel the edge a 10

The Rocky Patel Edge A10 is the latest cigar from the world-renowned brand and it commemorates the cigar’s 10th anniversary. This superb barber-pole style cigar has Honduran and Costa Rican wrappers with Honduran binder and having fillers from Nicaragua and Panama.


Rocky Patel cigars announced that there will be a band at the foot of the cigar. According to Rocky, the Edge was being replicated so much in the industry that he believes that this will benefit consumers to verify that it’s an authentic Edge cigar.

Nish Patel, executive vice president of Rocky Patel Premium Cigars, told Cigar Journal, “When we came up with the A-10 blend, we wanted a barber-pole of the original Corojo and maduro wrappers, but it took a little longer to develop, which is why the cigar is coming out this year instead of last year…With the two wrappers, you get the sweetness from the maduro and the spice from the Corojo.”

When you light one of these well constructed, medium-bodied cigars, you’ll enjoy the aroma of creamy-peppery smoke, complimented with leather, cedar, nutty, and bitter-cocoa.

rocky patel edge band




For more information on the Rocky Patel Edge A10 10th Anniversary, click here.

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