Scotch Cigar Riot


How did a nice cigar story escalated so quickly?

A few years ago I was in one of the biggest casinos in Atlantic City and was at one of the roulette tables where they permitted smoking. There was an older gentleman smoking a cigar. He was telling people it was an original Hoyo de Monterrey Churchill, which he acquired from his father who had purchased it in 1958 in La Habana. He was celebrating his birthday and it was the very last one in the box.

It smelled fantastic! Suddenly this heavy woman comes up to the table and thunks down on the table a giant glass of scotch which sloshed over the green velvet. At the same time she places on the table about $20,000 in $100 chips and yells out:

“Why don’t you put that stinking thing out!”

It was obvious she was intoxicated. He looked over at her and said “My dear I’m afraid that you have failed to notice the sign that states this table is for smokers”.

She looks at him and in a drunken voice yells out!

“I’ll show you who can’t read” and pours her drink on his cigar which is resting in an ashtray. The whole table froze and everyone stopped speaking. The older gentleman calmly reached over to her pile of chips, grabbed a handful of her chips and threw them into the crowd. At that moment she with a guttural roar charges him and head butts this poor guy in the stomach. They both go down and a riot ensues with everyone grabbing her chips and security coming over trying to break up the fight. The last I saw of them they were escorted out. If there is a lesson from this story I can’t thing of one.

-M. K.

Smooth Classic Cigar Combo


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