The World’s Largest Cigar Collection

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Full scale humidor

We all know how a real cigar collection starts. You stock up for a weekend, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll last. You get a little more, but now your humidor is too small to store them all. So you buy a bigger humidor, but doesn’t it look a little empty? Better fill it so you’re not caught off guard. Pretty soon you’ve got yourself a full-fledged collection beyond any smoker’s wildest dream. 

Classic paring

Cigar collecting isn’t simply about having enough to smoke when the mood strikes you. It’s about appreciation, preservation, the rich history inside every single stogie. Much like art collecting, it’s about appreciating the passion that went into making them and the larger-than-life personas who make them, just as much as the final product itself. But like any widespread activity, competition naturally arises. Someone always has to be the best, and when it comes to cigar collecting, there can only be one. 

giant room humidor

Alex Wong started collecting cigars after his father introduced him to them, but the Hong Kong resident soon turned it into his passion. Now boasting over five thousand boxes to his name, Alex Wong has the undisputed largest personal cigar collection on Earth. His personal full-scale humidor is described as the size of a large cigar shop, along with a luxury smoking room that sports a matching array of fine art and wine. Wong himself is a longtime aficionado, once saying in his college days he’d go through five or six a day. To this day he still smokes and adds to his already impressive collection. 

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