Twas the smoke before Christmas

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Twas the smoke before Christmas, and all through land, 

adults were celebrating with cigars in their hands! 

They’d been delivered by old Saint Nick himself.

Made with the finest tobacco, hand rolled by an elf!

The tobacco was prime, the aroma quite rich.

These stogies were powerful, they had such a kick!

Each one was a marvel and selected with care.

To make sure those who smoked it did so with flair!

Adults who smoked them had a smile wide across their face

Not one had a hint of sadness, not even a trace!

They smoked together while under the stars

While thinking of loved ones both near and far

Saint Nick was pleased with all the joy he saw

It was more than he imagined, it filled him with awe

As he readied to leave to, he gave one final note

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a great smoke!

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