Using a Punch style cigar cutter

davidoff duocott 02
davidoff duocott 02

The cigar punch is the most basic of cigar cutting tools.  Made up of a cylindrical cutting tube with a sharpened end, the cigar punch creates a clean, uniform circular opening in the head of the cigar for smoking.

To ensure a proper cut with a cigar punch, just follow these simple instructions:

1.   Open the punch revealing the cutting portion of the tool.


Opening the cigar punch to reveal the cutting cylinder.

2.  Align the punches cutting edge with the center of the cigar’s head.  (Note: cigar punches should not be used on pointed head cigars.)


Align the cigar punch with the center of the cigar’s cap

3.  With a slight twisting motion, press the cigar punch into and through the cigar’s wrapper.


With a twisting motion, press the cigar punch through the head of the cigar

4.  With continued pressure, push the cigar punch into the cigar up to the collar of the punch.


With continued pressure, press the punch into the cigar fully

5.  While continuing to twist the punch, pull back on the tool to remove the cut portion of the cap.


While still twisting remove the tool

6.  Replace the cigar punches cover releasing the cut piece of wrapper and covering the cutting blade for safety and protection.


Replacing the protective cover releases the punched cigar wrapper

Now all that’s left is to light up and enjoy!

Good smoking!

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