Using a cigar scissors style cutter

stainless steel cigar scirror cutter 800
stainless steel cigar scirror cutter 800

Using a cigar scissors is, without doubt, the most elegant method of removing the cap from a premium, handmade cigar.  With models ranging in price from a few dollars to hundreds, cigar scissors come in a wide selection of models, but the basic principles for their use are universal.

Cigar scissors can be used to open any vitola, rounded or pointed head, with ease.  Most cigar scissors can accommodate any ring gauge cigar further increasing their utility.  These capabilities make the cigar scissors one of the most useful tools any cigar aficionado can own.

Using a cigar scissors does take practice.  However, once you’ve mastered these simple steps, you will be able to open your cigars with flair and dazzle your cigar smoking friends.

To make a proper cut using a cigar scissors, just follow these simple steps:

Begin by placing the scissors comfortably on your hand as you would any other scissors.  Open the scissors completely.


Place the scissors on your hand comfortably and open completely

With a firm grip on the cigar, introduce the head of the cigar into the opening of the scissors until only the very end is in the cutting path of the blades.  Remember, you only want to remove a thin slice of the wrapper leaf from the head of the cigar!


Hold the cigar firmly and introduce the head into the opening of the cigar scissors

Bring the blades of the scissors into contact with the wrapper leaf covering the head of the cigar and with gentle pressure and a slight twist of the wrist, score the leaf with the blades of the scissors.


Bring the blades into contact with the wrapper and twist slightly to score the wrapper leaf

Without releasing pressure on the blades, snap the cigar scissors closed completing the cut.


Maintain pressure on the blades of the cigar scissors and snap closed swiftly

Open the cigar scissors and allow the cut end to fall away.  The cut from a cigar scissors should leave a wide opening in the head of the cigar and an ample draw.


The finished cut made by a proper cut using a cigar scissors

With practice, with a cigar scissors you will be able to perform surgically precise cuts when opening your premium cigars.  Like Tom Cruise in “Cocktail,” you can swing your scissors from your fingertips, spin them in dazzling circles, and even flip them from hand to hand, creating an almost mystic air to your opening efforts.

Keep in mind the basics when using a cigar scissors; do not cut below the shoulder of the cigar as this will cause the wrapper to unravel ruining your smoke, score the leaf at the head prior to cutting to prevent tearing, and use a quick, firm snap when you close your scissors to complete the cut.

Good smoking!

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