Using a “V” style cigar cutter

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The “V-cutter” style cigar tool has been around for years and years.  The blade of a v-cutter is bent to about a 30 degree angle which creates a wedge-shaped cutting surface.  This blade is held in a frame and spring loaded so that one can plunge the blade down, through the cap of a cigar and allow the blade to return.  The cut left by a v-cutter resembles a missing piece of pie.

To properly cut a premium cigar with a V-cutter, you must start with a sharp instrument then follow these simple instructions. (Note: if you have a guillotine style V-cutter such as the Colibri V-Cut cutter black, follow the basic  instructions for using a guillotine cutter here.)

Caution:  V-cutters do not usually do a good job cutting pointed head cigars, proceed at your own risk!


A closer look at the business end of a V-cutter and its blade.

Begin with a firm grasp of the cigar in one hand.  Grip the V-cutter with the other as illustrated in the photo below.


Grasp the V-cutter in one hand as shown in the photo and the cigar in the other.

Line the head of the cigar up with the opening at the end of the cutter, not he side holes.  (The holes on the sides are designed to cut pointed head cigars, but usually tear the wrappers.  Again, proceed here at your own risk!)


Place the head of the cigar fully into the opening of the V-cutter.

Introduce the head of the cigar into the opening of the V-cutter as far as it will go, gently.


Holding the cigar straight, quickly plunge the blade through the head of the cigar.

When using a V-cutter, unlike other cutters, scoring the wrapper leaf with the blades is not possible.  To make a proper cut, always apply swift, firm pressure with follow through to complete the cut.

Finally, release the blade and allow the plug of cut tobacco to fall free.  Blowing over the cut surface gently will help dislodge any tobacco fragments left by the cutting blade.


Release the blade mechanism and let the cut plug of tobacco fall away.

When sharp, the V-cutter creates a more than adequate opening in most cigars.  For those cigar aficionados who prefer this style cutter, there is no equal.  Many smokers are discovering the “Cross-cut” method, which creates an “X” shaped opening in the head of a cigar using two perpendicular slices with a good, quality V-cutter.  This cut is especially effective with some of today’s 60+ ring gauge cigars!

As always, remember not to cut below the shoulder of your cigar or the wrapper will unroll; use quick and decisive pressure and follow through the cut for a perfect V-cut every time.

Good smoking!

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  1. looking for a “v” style cigar cutter. only found antiques “expensive” does anyone make modern versions like the 0ne in your video


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