Using a Grip style cigar cutter

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Best Cigar Cutter Reviews 751x500

The grip style cigar cutter is a relatively new invention and is based on the same principle as the guillotine cigar cutter.  Featuring a double-blade system, the grip cutter is designed to remove a thin sliver of wrapper from the cap of the cigar creating a wide opening and an ample draw similar to a guillotine cutter.

To ensure a good cut with a grip style cigar cutter, just follow these simple instructions:

1.  Begin by opening the blades of the cutter and holding the cutter as shown in the photo below.


Begin with a firm grip on your cigar and the proper grip on the cutter.

2.  With a firm grip on the cigar, line the head of the cigar up with the opening of the cutter.


Lining up the cigar with the grip cutter for the cut.

3.  Introduce the head of the cigar into the opening of the cutter only up to the very end of the cigar’s head and bring the blades of the cutter into contact with the wrapper leaf.  With a slight twist of the hand, score the wrapper leaf where you intend to cut.


Bring the blades into contact with the wrapper and twist to score the leaf.

4.  Without releasing pressure on the blades, apply swift, firm pressure to complete the cut.


Without releasing pressure, close the blades of the grip cutter and complete the cut.

The opening created by a proper cut with a grip cutter rivals that of any other cutter.


The opening created by a properly used grip cutter should allow a great draw.

Once are comfortable with the feel and function of the grip style cigar cutter, you may just find, as I did, that it will become a favorite.  As always, remember not to remove the entire cap of your cigar or the wrapper will unroll; score the wrapper at the head and use quick and decisive pressure for a perfect cut every time.

Good smoking!

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