Using a Guillotine style cigar cutter

131107 Cutters3
131107 Cutters3

The guillotine style cigar cutter is most likely the most popular type of cigar cutter available.  Featuring either a single or double-blade the guillotine cutter is designed to remove a thin sliver of wrapper from the cap of the cigar creating a wide opening and an ample draw.

To ensure a good cut with a guillotine style cigar cutter, just follow these simple instructions:

1.  Begin by placing your thumb and index or middle finger into the finger holes of the cutter.


Place your fingers into the cutter and open it fully

2.  Open the guillotine cutter by pulling apart your fingers.  Ensure that the cutter is fully opened before inserting a cigar.


Open the guillotine cutter fully before “loading” your cigar

3.  With a firm grip on your cigar, introduce the head of the cigar into the opening of the guillotine cutter, only until the very tip of the head is within the cutting path of the blades.  Remember, you only want to remove a thin slice from the head of the cigar.  DO NOT REMOVE THE ENTIRE CAP OF THE CIGAR.


With a firm grip on your cigar, insert only the very tip of the head into the cutter

4.  With gentle pressure, bring the blades of the guillotine cutter into contact with the wrapper of the cigar and with a slight twist of the hand, score the wrapper leaf where you intend to cut.


Use gentle pressure to bring the blades to bear and twist to score the wrapper leaf

5.  Once the wrapper leaf at the head of the cigar has been scored, apply swift, firm pressure to complete your cut.


Maintain pressure on the cutter as you swiftly cut through the cap

With practice, you will become expert using your guillotine cutter to prepare your favorite premium cigars for enjoyment.  Just remember, don’t remove the entire cap of your cigar or it will unroll; score the wrapper at the head and apply quick, decisive pressure for a perfect cut every time.

Good smoking!

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