Sharpening Cigar Scissors

man sharpening scissors on wheel l
man sharpening scissors on wheel l

Cigars scissors, once mastered, are elegant, precise and able to incise the head of nearly any size premium cigar from the thinnest panatela to the largest of the new, 60+ ring gauge vitola in fashion today.

Cigar scissors are also very easy to maintain.

Like any other style cutter, cigar scissors are prone to the accumulation of small amounts of sticky residue from the cigars you cut and like any other sharp bladed instrument, they tend to lose their edge with use.  Thankfully, unlike other cutter types, the cigar scissors are quick to sharpen at home.  Here’s what you’ll need:

2 – Isopropol alcohol wipes
1 – Sheet fine grit (200+) aluminum oxide sandpaper (I use automotive finish grade)
1 – Dry towel

Start by wiping both sides of the two blades with an alcohol wipe and allow to air dry.  Next, make several cuts (3-4) into the sheet of sandpaper. Hold the sandpaper taught and make slow, straight, and deliberate cuts.  Finish the process by re-wiping the blades with the second alcohol wipe and drying with a clean towel.

By cleaning and sharpening your cigar scissors frequently you can expect many years of fine service, sharp cuts, and “good smokes….”

Smooth Classic Cigar Combo


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