Davidoff Escurio Cigar Accessories

davidoff escurio pouch 1
davidoff escurio pouch 1

Davidoff released a cigar accessory collection that complement their newest cigar, the Escurio.  It includes a matte black jet-flame lighter, a punch cutter, and leather cigar case featuring the Escurio’s brand colors.


Davidoff Escurio is a unique blend and unforgettable cigar made with Brazilian tobacco that delivers an intense, spicy-sweet smoke coupled with refinement and sophistication.


The cutter features a 9.9m blade that would punch cigars up to a 70″ ring gauge effortlessly. It includes a leather strap with the Escurio’s green and yellow color scheme.


Davidoff created an impressive lighter that they collaborated with “the best lighter manufacturer” to release a top-notch, jet flame, torch lighter. It produces a powerful blue flame making it easy for cigar enthusiasts to easily torch their cigars properly. It has a built-in safety system that prevents the lighter from activating while upside down.



The Buffalo leather cigar case has a stylish design with the Davidoff Escurio brand colors. The cigar case is hand-crafted and can easily accommodate the Grand Toro and Robusto sizes. The case comes with a smaller version to fit two Davidoff Escurio Short Robustos.

To buy Davidoff Escurio accessories now, click here.

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