Gispert Cigars: Giving Smokers a Reason to Come Back for More


Cigar lovers around the world like to go for a complete and accomplished cigar that provides satisfaction and a perfect and unique taste. Handmade in Honduras, Gispert has become a popular cigar brand since its inception in the market and has gained popularity amongst smokers. These cigars are specially crafted with a unique mix of Honduran and Nicaraguan grown long filler tobaccos, a Honduran binder, and a rich golden Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper. Unlike other cigars, Gispert is completely free from the use of cheap quality tobacco and other harmful ingredients that are sometimes used in lower-quality cigars. The cigar is hand-rolled and perfectly made by Altadis in Honduras. The former Cuban brand is now manufactured in Honduras and presented and packed in 20-25 count boxes including 25 for Natural color wrapper and 20 for the Maduro. The cigar has been honored with continuous praises and positive ratings from popular cigar magazines for its tasteful aroma that gives smokers pleasure when they light one up.

A Unique Taste and Aroma with CAO Cigars

Introduced in 2007 by the CAO Cigar Company of Nashville, Tennessee, CAO has retained an envious reputation in the cigar industry. A golden US Connecticut shade grown wrapper, and the other a deep, dark US Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper, and filler from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Italy, USA are the obvious reasons behind the existence of this full-bodied, complete and accomplished cigar. This Honduran beauty is the outcome of ligero longfiller blend of tobaccos from Nicaragua. The cigar is an amalgamation of these tobaccos that result in a truly complex, full bodied cigar that makes its loyal fans coming back for more.

The cigar has a wide range of lines that consists of CAO America, CAO Brazilia, CAO Cameroon, CAO Flavours, CAO Gold, CAO Gold Maduro, CAO Italia, CAO La Traviata, CAO Lx2, CAO Maduro, CAO Mx2, CAO OSA Sol, CAO Sorpranos and more!. When it comes to finding such a cigar that makes its smokers feel relaxed and comfortable, CAO catches all eyes.

Alec Bradley: A Smoke of Perfection


alec bradley 1 1     When it comes to an accomplished and complete cigar, it is necessary that it has a perfect wrapper, binder and filler. The only name that comes out spontaneously is Alec Bradley. The cigar is a perfect and flawless mix of true quality and excellence. It was founded by Alan Rubin and has gained a worldwide reputation and has become a household name. It has occupied a special place in the cigar industry!

Hand-crafted and made with selective tobaccos from different locations globally, the cigar has the ability to tempt smokers with its unique flavor. The medium to full-bodied cigar is developed and crafted by skilled workers in Honduras along with fillers from Honduras and Nicaragua. Alec Bradley Maxx and Alec Bradley Tempus are the two most popular varieties of the cigar.  The brand also has some popular product lines that include Bogey’s Stogies, Occidental Reserve, Trilogy, Cuban Spirit, Prensado, Select Cabinet Reserve and Tempus Family Blend. All commit to providing smokers happiness and satisfaction when they light up any Alec Bradley cigar. The relishing aroma and rich taste make Alec Bradley a perfect smoke.

The Big Sale at Christmas


With the economy cutting back, last year I was invited to just one party. I was happy because I finally closed a sale I was working on for 5 years. I was having a great time, but realized I forgot the two cigars I bought to celebrate. It must of been obvious how upset I was, since a stranger came up to me and handed me a cigar, and said enjoy. I felt bad. The only one he had, until a few minutes later, he had another?? Baffeled, I went up to him, and explained to him, why it was so important and thank you for the cigar, but I noticed you had another. He said follow me. Well in the corner of the catering hall, was a cigar roller, rolling several varieties of cigars. I never saw him. By the end of the night I had several different kinds in my pocket, and had my fill as well celebrating “THE BIG SALE”! Christmas could not have been better.

– Kevin S

Fishing with Cigars


Well I fish alot and smoke cigars a REAL lot and had an interesting experience with both June. Me and my fishing bud Big Dave went out in Long Island sound to fish for Bluefish and Striped bass. We were both about to light up our third stogie on a slow fishing day when I said to Dave, “let me give you something special” and we proceeded to light up two long Tatuaje Frankensteins I had been saving. They were about 8″ long and looked really tasty. So we fired right up and and about three or four puffs into the smoke, Dave’s line screams and he has a beast of a bluefish on.

Winter Soltice Eclipse


This past winter there was a full lunar eclipse on the winter solstice December 21, 2011). After watching the majority of it, I came inside and wrote the following, all the while thinking of my cousin that I had lost. Her and I spent uncountable summer nights of our childhoods at our grandparents’ farm lying on the cool grass, watching the endless sky.

Avo Cigars: An Amalgamation of Quality and Precision

When we think of a cigar that has the capability to entice smokers and render them an unforgettable taste, Avo cigars emerge as one of the best. Since 1995, the cigar has gained a worldwide reputation owing to its flawless quality and attention that it receives during various production and distribution processes until it reaches the hands of avid smokers. The cigar is full of taste but gentle with creamy notes. AVO has been made by the world famous musician and cigar impresario Avo Uvezian. T. It is a medium bodied cigar and full of promising flavors of nuts and herbs. The cigar is a perfect outcome of Dominican fillers and binders and Connecticut wrapper leaves. The cigar is a work of art and beauty crafted by its makers and has a wide range of product lines including Avo, Avo Domaine, Avo Heritage, Avo Limited Edition, Avo Maduro, Avo Signature, and Avo XO cigars.

Get Lost in the Flavor of a Punch Cigar

Undoubtedly, cigar lovers prefer to have a smoke that gives them enjoyment with every puff they take. When it comes to finding such a cigar that makes smokers feel relaxed and comfortable, the stylish Punch cigar catches all eyes and gives its lovers a reason to smile. Made in Honduras, the cigar was created by cigar legend, Frank Llaneza, and was introduced to the US market in 1969 by Villazon. The cigar is now made at the Honduras American Tabaco S. A. (HATSA) factory in Cofradia, Honduras. The full-bodied Punch cigars are an elegant outcome of Cuban-seed tobaccos from different countries including Honduras, Nicaragua, the US, and the Dominican Republic. Available in a wide range of sizes, the cigars are made of a natural Ecuadorian Sumatra-seed or a US Connecticut broad leaf maduro wrapper, binder from Connecticut, and filler from three different countries consisting of Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua. The cigar is medium to full bodied and rich in flavor and is an exceptional cigar available at a great price that suits the pockets of all smokers.

How I became a lover of cigars


I’d like to tell you the story of how I became a lover of cigars. I started working for a Ford dealership a little over a year ago. Last August I had a customer come in to look at the new F150. It became an instant friendship. This guy is as cool as they get. He was a retired sheriff. And looked like a mean, mean man. But was so nice.



I worked for an advertising firm, representing a large candy company. A meeting was called to try to get the candy company to increase their budget. We met with the president who didn’t want to spend more money, after a very long meeting, which he stood firm. We all went to lunch and then back to his office. He had a beautiful humidor on his desk and offered a cigar. I accepted. He looked at me and his expression told me he didn’t believe I was a cigar smoker. He then offered me his cutter. I declined and took out my own, which was on my key chain. He looked at me and said “anyone who smokes cigars is honest, you have your budget increase”

Leonard R.